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Best Places To Live In Anchorage, AK

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Anchorage, AK: Simply Breathtaking

The Municipality of Anchorage is both the largest and most populated city in Alaska. The city is home to around 300,000 people and is about two times larger than Rhode Island. Anchorage is a consolidated city-borough, making it both a city and a county. The Anchorage metropolitan area is located on the tip of a peninsula on Cook Inlet, and is situated at the base of the Chugauch Mountain Range.

Several other mountain ranges are also visible from the city, including the Talkeetna Aleutian ranges. Anchorage is a diverse city that is also known as "The City of Lights and Flowers". Originally, the city was named Dgheyaytna. Museums and cultural centers are abundant, and traditional culture of Alaska's First Nations tribes is woven into everyday life in Anchorage.

The fishing and oil industries are Alaska's most lucrative businesses, but a wide range of opportunities are available in Anchorage. The biggest industries in Anchorage include military, or government, and tourism. Most positions in the tourism industry are seasonal, with midsummer being the peak tourist season. Although the mild Alaskan summers draw people from around the world, winters are very cold and snowy.

The average winter temperatures in Anchorage remain below freezing through the coolest months of the year. Snowfall often stays on the ground through March, but can persist through April. The combination of cold weather and rugged, impassable terrain contribute to the slow job growth in Alaska. Some jobs are in high demand throughout the state, but general job growth is among the slowest in the nation.

The cost of living is also higher than the national average. Although Anchorage is a port city lying on the Pacific Ocean, only one interstate is nearby. Most of the goods in the state enter Alaska through Anchorage, but the state has a short growing season that significantly effects the price of food supplies. Other goods must be shipped into Alaska, which also increases the cost of non-food essentials. If you currently live in a city like New York or Seattle, prices in Anchorage aren't too expensive. The rent prices are often less expensive in Anchorage than in cities like New York.

Relocating to Alaska is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without sacrificing your urban lifestyle. You can find out which neighborhoods appeal to you on Area Vibes if you are ready to make the transition to Alaska.