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San Diego - Happiest Place on Earth's Home

Since I have many friends that live in Anaheim and the surrounding area, I am lucky to have traveled to Anaheim many times, and what a great place it is. Anaheim is full of attractions for everyone. Located about forty minutes south of Los Angeles, Anaheim reaps the benefits of being within striking distance of Los Angeles without the pitfalls of being right in Los Angeles proper. Day trips to Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Hollywood, and Huntington Beach are as easy as day trips down the coast to San Diego and its beaches. Anaheim is home to professional sporting teams, the Anaheim Angels and the Anaheim Ducks, but Anaheim is most well known for its amusement parks, most notably Disneyland and all the fun, games, and happiness that comes with it. With magical fun for the whole family, Disneyland is Anaheim's major attraction, but it isn't all Anaheim has to offer. Disneyland's sister park, California Adventure, is right across the street. If you want to avoid the pricey ticket of spending the day in Disneyland or California Adventure then there's always Downtown Disney, all the excitement and ambiance and no ticket necessary. Last year, I got to go to the Surf Industry Manufacturer's Association (SIMA) Image Awards at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Even though it was a weeknight in winter, it was warm and welcoming in Downtown Disney with its first class dining, shopping, and entertainment venues. Anaheim is home to the Happiest Place on Earth which makes sense since there's no place else you can soar over California, see the Matterhorn, visit a princess's castle, and still have time to eat dinner in view of the Hollywood sign or the sun setting on a San Diego beach.
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Anaheim - The Happiest Place in Orange County

Anaheim is the 10th largest city in California, houses a major convention center, holds one of America's most romantic restaurants (the Anaheim White House) and is the home of the man who invented the boysenberry. Even with those qualities, though, when one thinks of Anaheim, one thinks of its most famous tourist attraction: the Disneyland Resort. Anaheim is also a major business center, housing the US headquarters of Banco Popular, as well as world headquarters for Targus, CKE Restaurants, and a number of other companies. However, unless one is there on business, it has little for tourists, other than a certain resort which is home to a particularly famous mouse. Over the years, Anaheim has grown to embrace Disneyland, turning the area around the intersection of Harbor and Katella, located south of Interstate 5, into an all-compassing resort. It offers a range of tourist services all supporting Disneyland and its companion park, Disney's California Adventure. These two parks are reason enough to visit Anaheim.
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