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Bad city, going down

Price purposely jacked up for no grounds.... corrupted court &law enforcement culture, no style, the same old as ages ago...even the new building, the Avalon, can not cover the rusted old mentalities from decades or centuries ago... a bad, boring town
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The Best In Georgia

Alpharetta is exceptional on most standards. First, their school system, Fulton, is ranked the best school system in the state. Second, it is extremely safe, the standard of living is set very high and safety is ensure because Alpharetta is welcoming mostly to stable families. Fourth, the nightlife is not amazing, however there is a place known as "Avalon" which is like Atlantic Station in Atlanta - it is a shopping center that is huge and buetiful and has many attractions. It is amazing during the Christmas time. Fifth, it is very convenient for shopping for groceries and clothes because there are some big malls like north point mall. And lastly for this review, there is a lot of diversity.
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This city has the best activities especially kick boxing

My favorite location to workout is ILoveKickboxing. It's located on Holcombe bridge rd and the shopping center location is perfect. Alpharetta is we'll diverse and comfortable. This gym has a motivated staff and great rates for the location. You should visit!
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Beautiful Suburbia Alpharetta Georgia

I lived in Alpharetta Georgia from 1999 to 2004. It is a northern suburb of Atlanta with a lot of beautiful and expensive homes. I lived in the subdivision of Tuxford, which has homes starting at the mid three hundred thousand. The lawns are usually well manicured and there are lots of trees. Spring time has a ton of pollen even though I do not suffer from allergies, I did have small symptoms. People are generally friendly, although, I did not really know my neighbor. I do not really know about the school system because I did not have kids, although I heard it was good. My property taxes took a pretty good chunk to pay for them.

There are plenty of opportunities to shop whether you go to a strip mall or a large one such as the North Point Mall. Wal-Mart has a couple of locations within 5 miles of each other so it was easy to run out for the quick items you needed to pick up. Shopping for groceries is either at Publix or Kroger. My favorite was Kroger because their prices were more reasonable than pricey Publix and the food quality was comparable. In addition, they have a rewards club that gives even more discounts on items and three cents off a gallon of gas at their station.

There are a plethora of restaurants, lounges and sports bars with a variety of fares and themes. Most of them are not really a chain, but you will have no problem finding the typical McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's to name a few. My favorite Sports Bar restaurant was Taco Mac on Old Milton Parkway. Old Milton Parkway and Haynes Bridge Road are the main ‘strips' for any type of shopping. The only attractions are basically some great public parks. There is not much nightlife but Atlanta is just a twenty minute ride on 400 South. Work relocated me out but I could have lived there for a long time.
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