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Living in Alexandria, VA I am currently 18 and I am coming up on my last year of highschool this year. After that, I will be attending college likely at George Mason or JMU. My goal in five years is to become a history teacher focusing on US history and preferably politics. I watch FOX Business, Fox, and occasionally CNN and listen to all of the analysts and focus on the stock market, the agenda of the current administration, and legislation that is being moved through Congress. Basicly, I want to get my future students involved and engaged in politics and our democracy. I still have at least five years to think about all of this but I wanted to get started now. The reason I am looking at Arlington is because it is close to Washington but it isn't Washington. I've heard mixed reviews about the city. Personally, I am looking for a suburb that has neighbors that are very friendly, talk to you .... Also, what is the yard size like in Arlington, what things are there to do, what is the crime rate like, what are the property taxes like on cars and houses, and can you share a detailed opinion of what it is generally like to live in Arlington? In addition, what do you think is the best neighborhood in Arlington?Also, can you give me an idea of how much teachers make and how well they do in Arlington, specifically at High Schools? Answer question
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Relocating to Alexandria Hello. I'm looking into the prospect of relocating to the Alexandria area. I'd really like to be someplace with a private, enclosed outdoor area for gardening/ entertaining/ potentially dogs. I don't need a lot of space; just SOMETHING. I also play multiple instruments and would prefer to be able to do so without worrying about so many neighbors/ noise-related rules. How far outside of Alexandria (/DC/Arlington) would I have to go to find this, and can anyone point me toward a good source for such apartments (non-complex, in privately-owned homes; duplexes, etc.)? Thanks! Answer question
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