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After over six years of living here, I have come to understand what the epitome of the small town mentality is. First appearances will be deceiving, although what aesthetic qualities exist here are fast eroding and deliberately so. Transplants are ostracized, harassed, or bullied into being "ran out of town" or imprisoned if at all possible, the corruption goes all the way to the top. There is no community spirit, no local government but a mobocracy, no justice for outsiders wronged and no consequences for locals who wrong them. This extends to your children being assaulted and raped, suicides and murders are also more common than should be for a town of this size. The local mentality is as of monkeys flinging feces, it matters not how much they get upon themselves so long as they can cause someone vexation. I have never encountered people so willfully ignorant, so suspicious and paranoid which belies their malevolence and treachery, so cowardly and insecure and yet so bullying. Cliquish and clannish does not even begin to describe them, to the point inbreeding and incest must certainly be realities of life here. Nepotism and cronyism assures that mediocrity and ineptitude are local virtues. It is also in a very stagnant and isolated region, with NOTHING to do for either adults or children. Buildings and infrastructure are crumbling and are not maintained, power outages are frequent. Alcoholism and drug use is rampant, malfeasance of local officials accounts in part for the "low" crime rate, very few employment prospects and they will go to the locals regardless of merit or ability. They are also blighting the landscape with the most pretentious and obnoxious outdoor lighting possible, easily half of the stars have been drowned out of the night skies with hellish white light from harmful LED fixtures deliberately mounted to cause light trespass, glare, and sky glow for miles. If you are elderly, do not care about ostracism or having friends, go for it but I IMPLORE you do not move here if you have a family, especially young children.
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Source: The Albany, MO data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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