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This is a filthy, depressed city. THERE ARE NO JOBS. There isn't a good restaurant to be found. They think they do but go see for yourself. The Merriman Valley area you will get a breath of fresh poop smell. The Courts in Akron/Summit counties cant be trusted. Go see for yourself.
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My Visit to Akron, OH

I took my wife and two kids over to visit my brother-in-law and sister in Akron, Ohio a few weeks ago. We considered it both a vacation and family visit. Upon arrival, my sister and her husband insisted in taking us around the city to show us the highlights of their prideful hometown. Akron has a decent amount of beautiful attractions as the scenery in some areas is lovely while in others seemed like a dwelling place for homeless people. We ate out at a few restaurants throughout our stay and particularly enjoyed their pizza places but overall, Akron has no special restaurants that are better than those in neighboring cities. The nightlife in Akron was surprisingly booming - we had a fun time getting the kids a babysitter and visiting the various night life scenes around the city. My wife ended up spending more than expected throughout her various shopping rampages, due to the fact that there are so many shopping malls in Akron. Overall, Akron is a pretty nice city that is good for the occasional visit but I wouldn't recommend making it into a designated vacationing area. If not for the fact that I have family who lives there, I wouldn't consider travelling there again as you can capture the whole Akron experience in one snapshot. I had a great time and my wife and kids enjoyed the visit, and if you have any reason to go to Akron you are sure to enjoy yourself for the time being.
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Akron, Ohio - A Little Something for Everyone

I moved to the city of Akron from Chicago. Although I loved Chicago, I think I love Akron even more. A three-time winner of the "All American City" title, Akron is located in aptly named Summit County. The terrain is beautiful: full of green hills and lush trees. Being close to Cleveland is a plus. In Akron, we enjoy a peaceful, affordable lifestyle with easy access to the Rock 'N Roll Capital when we're in the mood for city life. Downtown Akron has been revitalized; it's safe and family-friendly. Here you'll find a beautiful stadium for the Akron Aeros Minor League Baseball team, the Akron Art Museum, restaurants, and nightlife. The Akron Zoo is a wonderful one. Originally opening as a children's zoo, it packs a lot of wildlife among easily perused acreage. You will also find a bunch of great restaurants in Akron. If you're in the mood for Italian, try Luigi's Restaurant of Akron, odd name I know, but the food is delicious! If you're looking for shopping in Akron, you might want to expand your horizons outside the city core. The Chapel Hill area is congested and not in its prime. The Montrose with Summit Mall is nicer, but quite commercial.
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