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The city of Akron, OH has a population of 197,375 and a population density of 3,187 people per square mile. There are a total of 21 Akron, OH neighborhoods. The neighborhood with the highest Livability Score is Wallhaven and the largest neighhorhood by population is Goodyear Heights. The Akron, OH neighborhood map is a great way to see which neighborhoods have a higher Livability Score compared to those with a lower Livability Score.

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Some Top Rated Neighborhoods In Akron, OH

With a diverse culture, tons of amenities, great night life and some of the best family oriented neighborhoods around, Akron is a great place for anyone to call home. What many might not know is that Akron also has some pretty amazing outdoor and nature activities, giving the area a beautiful backdrop and a way to step outside of the city feel, while still staying close to home. Four distinct seasons and typically mild weather makes living here comfortable. A few neighborhoods in particularly caught our attention as great places to live. Northwest Akron, Merriman Valley and Highland Square will be covered as our top picks for living in Akron.

Northwest Akron

Surpassing many other neighborhoods in the area for its well balanced appeal and superb location, Northwest Akron has everything you could possibly want. This neighborhood is situated about four miles from downtown, and has very accessible highways and public transportation meaning you’ll get where you need to go quickly. Many restaurants and shopping such as the Ohio Brewing Company, The Peanut Shoppe as well as Chapel Hill Mall nearby means you’ll have plenty of options when away from home. The cost of living here is rather low, and the employment market is good which means more money stays in your pocket. The low crime rate also makes this a great choice for anyone, but especially families. With tons of parks and recreational activities, and the overall great reputation of the neighborhood, and favorable housing prices Northwest Akron should be on your “must see” list.

Merriman Valley

Just outside Akron sits Merriman Valley, which is a great family friendly neighborhood. Amenities, a low cost of living, great schools and a low crime rate make this location superb for raising a family. Convenience is also another factor that makes this area great. Shopping and restaurants are right within the neighborhood just a short trip away. If you work in the downtown area, public transit is frequent and the car commute is a short one at just around 20 minutes. Highways are easily accessible and even right within the neighborhood. Merriman Valley is a great location if you like to be close to everything, but far enough away to not feel the hectic pace of a city. Coffee shops and art galleries give this area a strong cultural flavor. Merriman Valley is a great place to raise the kids or kids to come. This area is a popular one you don’t want to overlook if you value convenience, diversity and a great family friendly environment.

Highland Square

Amenities, the best schools and a low cost of living make Highland Square a number one location for everyone. This diverse neighborhood not only has a strong sense of community, but many different housing options for any budget. The Akron Zoo, Firestone Country Club and even a botanical gardens park area are all within proximity. The downtown area is close enough to bike to work, or you can get your fitness in at one of the many public parks in this neighborhood. Close to everything, affordable and great schools are a tough combination to find, however Highland Square fits the bill. This area is suitable for all different folks, however professionals will greatly enjoy the variety they find in the area in combination with its convenience and urban vibe. Another nice feature of this area is that it isn’t crowded or overdeveloped, so you can enjoy the city but also peace and quiet right within the same area. Highland Square is a great place to call home for city and country dwellers alike!