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      Akron is a bustling city located in the northern area of Ohio. While traveling on the city streets and highways, you can see the skyscrapers against the sky as well as the apartment buildings and parking garages. Akron focuses a great deal on professional services that are offered as many residents work in office buildings. Although the Ohio and Erie Canal separates the city into two different areas, Akron is still the fifth-largest. Akron was given the City Livability Award in 2008 because of its schools, neighborhoods, and businesses.

      While living in Akron, you'll usually be able to experience true seasons throughout the year. The winter months can get quite cold with several inches of snow possible. Some areas see an average of 47 inches of snow depending on the storm tracks in the area. The summer months are usually comfortable with high temperatures in the 70s and 80s.

      Living in Akron isn't expensive. Rental amounts are less than the national average as well as the price of homes that are for sale. Some homes that are six figures are available and can be obtained because of the high-paying career options in the city. Citizens in the city are usually and reach out to others. However, the city is often bustling with activity in the downtown area, so don't be surprised if you notice people hustling to get to where they are headed instead of stopping to strike up a conversation.

      Hamburgers are popular in Akron. The National Hamburger Festival is held each July for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. The festival features a variety of hamburgers that are made in competitions as well as hamburger displays that are made from things instead of meat. Music, other types of food, and crafts also make up the festival.

      Akron Glass Works is another attraction that might be of interest to you if you're visiting the city. Craftsmen gather together so that they can demonstrate the talents they have regarding glass designs that they carefully blow and shape. There are a few classes offered if you're interested in learning the craft yourself. Several outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the city as well including hiking on nature trails, playing in parks, and swimming in the river.

      Akron is a city that delivers a blend of people, careers, and activities for those who call the area home and those who visit. The downtown area offers small shopping centers, cafes, large-scale businesses, and elegant restaurants. As you venture to the rural areas of the city, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of nature that Akron offers whether it's a historic home or a sprawling park.

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      Exactly what we wanted
      We moved to Akron from the East Coast. We were attracted to the Highland Square neighborhood for its affordability (absolutely jaw-dropping!), walkability, good food, community vibe, and artsy culture. We considered Lakewood and Shaker Heights, but ultimately chose Akron because it's weird and still under the radar. We like that. We see it as a city on the rise, and we're excited about where it's going. After 2 years here, we still walk around feeling surprised: downtown is coming up fast, our neighbors are legitimately kind and thoughtful, and there's essentially no traffic. It's not perfect — we haven't found a good bagel yet, for example. But the bigger attractions in Cleveland are a 40-minute drive away, which is easy on the weekends. There are great school options, too. There's 3 exceptional, nationally-ranked private schools (Hawken, Western Reserve, and Hathaway Brown) a long bus ride away, and a great private school (Old Trail, in a national park) a bit closer (15 minutes). There's also Montessori, Waldorf, and other options, including public schools, which are good quality & improving in our neighborhood. Basically, we wanted an easy life in a not-boring small/medium-sized city next to a bigger city, and we got it. We should've done this sooner.
      1 -1
      Cleveland's little brother
      Akron is a lot like Cleveland but not as nice. No real reason too end up here unless you live in northeast Ohio because Cleveland is so much nicer and has more to do. Decent place too live though. Extremely affordable and inhabited by friendly, hard working, down too Earth people. Very gritty city and that's saying a lot coming from Cleveland. If you aren't street savvy don't end up in the wrong area. I don't think Ive seen a place with more drugs. Dope boys are everywhere and will chase you away if your in their neighborhood and not looking to buy some. If you can handle yourself its an alright place though
      1 -3
      A Broken Community
      I recently moved from Fairlawn to Akron. The difference is tremendous. Akron doesn't care about their citizens and it's sad. They have ridiculous taxes, unreasonable costs for simple things like waterways and road maintenance and above all, they hire out their construction jobs to contractors who can't seem to finish anything they start. I am sad that I brought my family to hear. I wanted this home to be a long term place, but I cannot see us wanting to stay here not only for these reasons but also for their high crime rate that continues to grow.
      3 -4
      Slow city slow
      I have lived here for most of my life there are no jobs here no opportunity to do better you just stay in your same rut or get worse. Very depressing town most just drink and drink and drink no varity we it comes to anything its either othis or that. Alot of mental people here because of cost of living since they get one check and need to live off of that. Unless you want to live a lifeless retirement I strongly suggest that you dont come here. Cleveland has more crime but Cleveland has more life and culture. Columbus has more jobs but no culture and more life and Cincinnati has more life but no culture.Racism is prevalent in all these cities some more than other Cleveland not as bad as the others Akron you will face racism in all phases of life it just the way it is most just tolarate it or leave that your choices when living in Akron
      3 -5
      Asboulty A Vile CITY, DO NOT RECOMEND
      This is a filthy, depressed city. THERE ARE NO JOBS. There isn't a good restaurant to be found. They think they do but go see for yourself. The Merriman Valley area you will get a breath of fresh poop smell. The Courts in Akron/Summit counties cant be trusted. Go see for yourself.
      3 -3
      My Visit to Akron, OH
      I took my wife and two kids over to visit my brother-in-law and sister in Akron, Ohio a few weeks ago. We considered it both a vacation and family visit. Upon arrival, my sister and her husband insisted in taking us around the city to show us the highlights of their prideful hometown.

      Akron has a decent amount of beautiful attractions as the scenery in some areas is lovely while in others seemed like a dwelling place for homeless people. We ate out at a few restaurants throughout our stay and particularly enjoyed their pizza places but overall, Akron has no special restaurants that are better than those in neighboring cities.
      The nightlife in Akron was surprisingly booming - we had a fun time getting the kids a babysitter and visiting the various night life scenes around the city. My wife ended up spending more than expected throughout her various shopping rampages, due to the fact that there are so many shopping malls in Akron.

      Overall, Akron is a pretty nice city that is good for the occasional visit but I wouldn't recommend making it into a designated vacationing area. If not for the fact that I have family who lives there, I wouldn't consider travelling there again as you can capture the whole Akron experience in one snapshot. I had a great time and my wife and kids enjoyed the visit, and if you have any reason to go to Akron you are sure to enjoy yourself for the time being.
      1 -2
      Akron, Ohio - A Little Something for Everyone
      I moved to the city of Akron from Chicago. Although I loved Chicago, I think I love Akron even more. A three-time winner of the "All American City" title, Akron is located in aptly named Summit County. The terrain is beautiful: full of green hills and lush trees. Being close to Cleveland is a plus. In Akron, we enjoy a peaceful, affordable lifestyle with easy access to the Rock 'N Roll Capital when we're in the mood for city life.

      Downtown Akron has been revitalized; it's safe and family-friendly. Here you'll find a beautiful stadium for the Akron Aeros Minor League Baseball team, the Akron Art Museum, restaurants, and nightlife. The Akron Zoo is a wonderful one. Originally opening as a children's zoo, it packs a lot of wildlife among easily perused acreage. You will also find a bunch of great restaurants in Akron. If you're in the mood for Italian, try Luigi's Restaurant of Akron, odd name I know, but the food is delicious!

      If you're looking for shopping in Akron, you might want to expand your horizons outside the city core. The Chapel Hill area is congested and not in its prime. The Montrose with Summit Mall is nicer, but quite commercial.
      2 -2
      Source: The Akron, OH data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).