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Living In Dover, Delaware

I have lived in Dover, Delaware for my whole life. I was born and raised there and I learned very valuable lifelong lessons from the people and the culture of my community. The friendly atmosphere and warm people make this a great place to not only live in but also to visit. People in Dover really seem to have positive attitudes and we are so friendly. There are so many historical sites and attractions to explore in my Dover that you won't know where to begin. The rich history of the old buildings in downtown Dover are amazing. There is so much to see and learn for everyone who visits here. The city government is great in my opinion. They really seem to care about the citizens of the city and they are prompt about getting things done. We have tons of great restaurants to dine in and lots of stores for those who enjoy shopping like the Dover Mall. The Nascar raceway is one of the biggest attractions in Dover in June and in September and you should really check it out if you are here. I like the convenient area which makes traveling fast and easy.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 24, 2010
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