Best Places to Live in Delaware

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live in Delaware by using a Livability Score out of 100. The Livability Score for each city in Delaware is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. Delaware has a population of 925,749 and a population density of 368.3. The capital city is Dover and the largest city in Delaware is Wilmington. To filter the results, use the filters on the left to sort by state, population and category.
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Rank City Livability Ame­nities Cost of Living Crime Edu­cation Emp­loyment Housing Weather
1Henlopen Acres, DEPopulation: 11690A+C+AA+A+A+B
2Greenville, DEPopulation: 2,50584BFA+A+A+A+C+
3Hockessin, DEPopulation: 13,28784A+FA+A+A+AC+
4North Star, DEPopulation: 7,84583BFA+A+A+AC+
5South Bethany, DEPopulation: 34283CC+AA+B+A+B
6Pike Creek, DEPopulation: 7,64281A+FB+AAAC+
7Ocean View, DEPopulation: 1,96881BFA+A+BAB
8Middletown, DEPopulation: 18,49580A+DBAB+B+B
9Lewes, DEPopulation: 2,80380A+FBABA+B
10Bellefonte, DEPopulation: 1,36080BD+A+ABBC+
11Arden, DEPopulation: 55980A+FBAB+AC+
12Highland Acres, DEPopulation: 3,83879B+DAB+B+B+B
13Ardentown, DEPopulation: 27679ADBA+BAC+
14Kent Acres, DEPopulation: 1,77978B+D+AB+BBB
15Ardencroft, DEPopulation: 23178A+DCAB+AC+
16Newark, DEPopulation: 31,65578A+DCA+C+B+C+
17Dover Base Housing, DEPopulation: 3,16478BC+A+A+CCB
18Townsend, DEPopulation: 1,87177DDA+B+AB+B
19Cheswold, DEPopulation: 1,48077CAA+C+CD+B
20Glasgow, DEPopulation: 14,78077A+DDAB+B+B
21Wyoming, DEPopulation: 1,46976CD+A+BC+BB
22Pike Creek Valley, DEPopulation: 11,26876ADDABB+C+
23Clayton, DEPopulation: 2,88476C+DB+B+BBB
24Rodney Village, DEPopulation: 1,30976B+BB+C+CC+B
25Riverview, DEPopulation: 2,85976FC+AAB+B+C+
26Dagsboro, DEPopulation: 98076C+DABC+BB
27Smyrna, DEPopulation: 10,06575AD+CB+C+BB
28Millville, DEPopulation: 80874C+DD+AB+B+B
29Slaughter Beach, DEPopulation: 11974FFAA+BA+B
30Rising Sun-Lebanon, DEPopulation: 3,14574CDB+BC+B+B
31Delaware City, DEPopulation: 1,78473DD+AC+BBB
32Milton, DEPopulation: 2,57873BDCB+CB+B
33Millsboro, DEPopulation: 3,85573B+DDB+C+B+B
34Frankford, DEPopulation: 88573D+D+A+C+CBB
35New Castle, DEPopulation: 5,30973A+D+FBC+BC+
36Ellendale, DEPopulation: 30573FCA+C+D+C+B
37Claymont, DEPopulation: 8,04372AD+FB+BBC+
38Blades, DEPopulation: 1,43072ABCCD+CB
39Dover, DEPopulation: 36,25972A+D+FBC+BB
40Bridgeville, DEPopulation: 2,33772BD+DBC+B+B
41Odessa, DEPopulation: 36372D+DDABAB
42Greenwood, DEPopulation: 88171CCBBD+BB
43Brookside, DEPopulation: 14,32171AD+FBBBC+
44Felton, DEPopulation: 1,42071D+CC+BCBC+
45Rehoboth Beach, DEPopulation: 1,10571A+FFA+B+A+B
46Bethel, DEPopulation: 20671FC+DAB+B+B
47Harrington, DEPopulation: 3,58271B+B+FBCC+C+
48Bear, DEPopulation: 19,75171ADFBBBC+
49Edgemoor, DEPopulation: 5,88971CD+DB+BBC+
50Elsmere, DEPopulation: 6,13171ACDCC+BC+
51Wilmington, DEPopulation: 71,11970A+CFC+CBC+
52Wilmington Manor, DEPopulation: 8,56270AD+FCC+BC+
53Long Neck, DEPopulation: 1,99669FB+B+BCDB
54Camden, DEPopulation: 3,41869AD+FABBB
55Georgetown, DEPopulation: 6,42968ADFD+CB+B
56Milford, DEPopulation: 9,51368A+CFBC+BC+
57Selbyville, DEPopulation: 2,96068BDFCCB+B
58Woodside East, DEPopulation: 2,09168FB+BDCCC+
59Delmar, DEPopulation: 1,58868D+BDCCC+B
60Laurel, DEPopulation: 3,76168B+C+FC+D+C+B
61Bethany Beach, DEPopulation: 67967B+FFA+BA+B
62Bowers, DEPopulation: 19967FDDB+CB+C+
63Fenwick Island, DEPopulation: 32367BFFA+BA+B
64Woodside, DEPopulation: 16267D+CFBC+BB
65Newport, DEPopulation: 1,07666BD+FD+CBC+
66Seaford, DEPopulation: 7,01866ACFBD+BB
67Houston, DEPopulation: 46565FCFBBBC+
68Viola, DEPopulation: 18465DD+FBC+BC+
69Magnolia, DEPopulation: 15465DCFACC+C+
70Leipsic, DEPopulation: 9764FCFB+CBB
71Dewey Beach, DEPopulation: 26463BFFB+CA+B
72Hartly, DEPopulation: 4263FC+FFBBB
73Little Creek, DEPopulation: 23162FCFCC+C+B
74Frederica, DEPopulation: 83062FCFD+C+C+C+
75Kenton, DEPopulation: 18961FBFFCCB
76Farmington, DEPopulation: 7155FC+FD+CCC+
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