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Yuba City And Why Its more Special Than You'd Think.

I lived in Yuba city throughout my high school career, and I have to say for a high school student; for any student at all really, Yuba really nice place to live. It's In the area of Redding and Chico, making Chico State University very accessible. The city comes with no shortage of things to do and is full of niches and crannies to explore. It is an adventure in of itself walking the streets, I remember all the incredible coffee shops and restaurants that could be stumbled into by chance. One thing I have to say though, is a Yuba comes a fair share of whether. With dry hot summers wet and rainy winters, if you're afraid of seasons I wouldn't recommend it. That being said it's certainly not without its charms, Yuba in the spring is absolutely gorgeous. As far as family goes, not bad place either. Littered with parks and with a solid education system, I'd say Yuba is quaint in a very charming way. If there's one thing I can say for certain is that I never felt unsafe here, it felt as if the police were always there and never needed. There also seems to be a cultural diversity that I've yet to see anywhere else, seeing as Yuba City was originally a small part of tribal land. All this being said one of the best things about Yuba, is how close is to the Bay area. Only a short drive if you want to see the marvelous San Francisco, or even shorter if you simply want to rest your toes in the sand. All in all, if there was anything to be said about this city, it's that once you spend a little time here, you're sure the left with a sense of nostalgia.
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