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Yorba Linda Is One of My Favorite Places in California

I love Yorba Linda and I visit the city frequently. Yorba Linda is an affluent community in Orange County, California, located approximately 15 miles northeast of Santa Ana, and 38 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. Yorba Linda has nearly 67,000 residents. One of Yorba Linda's famous residents was the late President Richard Nixon, who was born and raised in the city. Yorba Linda is the home of Nixon's presidential library which is a very interesting place. The city is described by CNN as the 21st best place in the U.S. to live which makes it the second highest-ranked California city in the survey. Yorba Linda was reported by the 2006 Census data to be the richest city in America with median household income over $112,000. Sitting 750 feet above sea level, Black Gold Golf Course offers excellent views of the famous surroundings. The course, bordered by the Chino Hills State Park, is absolutely beautiful. Home to the award winning Park View Grille, this golf course has it all. Stefano's Gold'n Baked Hams and La Bettola are my two favorite restaurants other than the Park View Grille.
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