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The Perfect Place for a Family

Woodstock is not the place for the cheese and wine type, or the urban type. Woodstock is the perfect place for regular to above average income earners to raise a family. There is plenty of space to the north, and Marietta or Atlanta to the south. The schools are all above average for the south, and the whole town is safe. It is getting more crowded lately, but so far the crime rate is low. Woodstock is a very conservative area, just like all of Cherokee County, and the more liberal type may have some trouble fitting in. The town has a nice look overall, with mostly average to nice neighborhoods. The biggest problem is going to be for those who commute to Atlanta every day, because of the 20 miles or so of traffic. Woodstock is not the most exciting city, but that's not what people should be looking for when they move to the suburbs. People who live in Woodstock will find themselves right between urban Atlanta, and the beautiful north Georgia mountains.
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Affordable Atlanta suburb

We have lived here for six years. We wanted to live in Alpharetta or Roswell but Woodstock has more affordable homes. It has gone from a relatively quiet community to a bustling, trafficky commuter town. It is fine if you care about good housing, decent schools, and overall safety. Downtown is gaining a few more interesting attractions. The biggest problem are stubborn conservative ideologies in the government. I don't see our tax dollars being spent on the improvements that count - people seem very closed to anything that even remotely has a liberal agenda. We need public transportation, SPLOST dollars for the schools, more green space, and a real commitment to non-religious community organizations.
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