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Wilson, NC - A wonderful place to reside

I lived in Wilson, North Carolina in the 1980s and found many attractions, shopping, and restaurants that will be of interest to all. The city of Wilson sits approximately 40 miles east of Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina. The weather is wonderful, reaching a high in the mid-70s from May through September, and typically staying above 40 degrees for January and February. Getting around is a breeze as one has the option of using the Wilson Transit system, Greyhound, and Amtrak. Yet most everything around town is within walking distance including the library, cultural center, post office, courthouse, Planters bank, and the Wilson Primitive Baptist church. There are many sites to see in Wilson including the Whirligigs, galleries, and museums. The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park has 31 whirligigs displayed throughout, which is a sight to see and hear when the winds are whipping. Studio One, Annie Boykin Gallery, and the College Barton Art Museum have paintings, sculptures, jewelry and pottery displayed for viewing, and the admission is free. Another free event to take in is at the Immigration Station Science and History Museum. No matter the age, all will enjoy all of the activities offered here. There are multiple offerings to choose from when one is ready to eat in Wilson. Fine dining choices include Ward's Steak and Cheese and Professor O'Cools. Ward's is known for the Steak and Cheese which includes an eight to ten ounce sirloin on two pieces of buttery Texas toast, and a slice of American cheese. At just eight dollars, one will not find a better deal in Wilson. Professor O'Cools is a local sports pub that one can pass the time on a weekend to watch their favorite team. The pub offers a variety of food and beer but is best known for their endless chicken wings.
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