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Weston, FL; Sunshine and Much More!

I have had many trips to Weston, FL. Although I am not a resident, a few members of my immediate family are and taking advantage of visiting them in sunny south Florida is a perk for me.

The first thing I notice about Weston is that it has less retirees than some of the other parts of South Florida. It is very family-centered with lots of playgrounds, parks and community swimming pools. Weston is a master-planned town, with many different self-contained communities. I think the people that choose to live in Weston are career minded with families that want newer homes and good schools. Some of the communities are gated; some residents can walk to town centers. Weston has sidewalks throughout most of the town. You will usually see lots of kids out playing, it's apparent that adult's feel comfortable letting their kids go out and play.

There is plenty of shopping and places to eat in Weston. There are the normal chain restaurants and also quite of few non-chain places, which I prefer. One of my favorite is Tarantella Ristorante; this is a fairly priced casual Italian restaurant. I recommend the pizza at Tarantella, I cannot think of a time I visited Weston and didn't enjoy this place.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for nightlife you may be disappointed in Weston. There are a few places but not much of a variety. For the most part, nightlife is not an issue for me when I visit my family but from what I have heard people searching for some late night fun usually head to Fort Lauderdale or other coastal Miami-Dade county areas.

As far as South Florida goes, I think Weston offers a great lifestyle. The Atlantic Ocean is an easy drive; the town is kept immaculate and offers just about every convenience you could need on a daily basis. If you're looking for old unique charming architecture you will be disappointed, besides that Weston has convenience, cleanliness and opportunity for many lucky families who call it home.
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Source: The Weston, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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