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Waukegan is no good 1 rating By Anonymous ( Oct 01, 2019) I moved here for a short while and regretted it. The city is run down, very dirty, roads are filled with pot holes and they never seem to get fixed. Property taxes are to high here i would never buy a home here. the taxes here doesn't seem to go to anything important such as fixi ...Read More ng the roads or keeping the crime low. Crime ridden city and I do not feel safe any time I am in this city. I would not recommend that anybody tries to enjoy the night life here it is unsafe. I had a friend go to a club in waukegan and almost got robbed. There are nothing positive to do in this city if you want to have some fun you will not have it here. The school system is among the worst in the area I would never enroll my child in a school in here. No good places to eat. The traffic is horrible people drive unsafe. If you are looking at waukegan keep looking this place is trash. Read Less
Beware of Waukegan's Predator Style Traffic Enforcement via Video Cameras 0.5 rating By frodo714 ( Mar 07, 2016) I recently went to Waukegan to play in a basketball tournament. Waukegan has an outstanding basketball facility (the Field House). However, I must say that my initial fond memories of Waukegan have dimmed considerably over the past few weeks as I and several other attendees of ...Read More the tournament have begun to receive traffic violation notices via mail. These traffic violations were generated by an apparently ubiquitous traffic video camera system operated by the city. This predator style of traffic law enforcement for minor violations directed at visitors is so reminiscent of “speed traps” that were once common in small backward towns in the Southern United States. As such, I have a lingering bad memory of Waukegan and would not willingly return there in the future. Read Less
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Waukegan, IL - A Lovely City on the Shore of Lake Michigan 4 rating By Anonymous ( Jul 07, 2010) My family visited Waukegan in July 2008 for my brother's graduation from the Great Lakes Naval Station. We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott. The hotel was clean and comfortable and located in a nice part of the city. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My only complaint i ...Read More s that there was a misunderstanding about the hot breakfast. I thought it was included with the stay, but there was a charge of $8.95 per person. The mistake may have very well been on my end. Either way, I'd suggest walking over to the Denny's next door for a cheaper and equal quality meal.

There are several things to do and attractions to see in the city of Waukegan. My husband and I strolled along Waukegan Harbor and watched the sailboats drifting by. I recommend the ice cream shop and the deli there in the harbor shops. It's hard to go wrong with ice cream! Even though I'm not a huge theme park person, we went to Six Flags Great America. There are more than enough rides to take up an entire day there. We had a great time celebrating my brother's graduation in Waukegan! Read Less


Beach Park
Hinkston Park
Kirk Park
Roosevelt Park
Powell Park


Jack Benny Center For The Arts
Goodfellow Hall
Orlin Trapp Auditorium
Clockwise Theatre
Genesee Theater

Food & Drink

Bob & Anne's
Buffalo Wild Wings
Pizza Hut
Waukegan Yacht Club
Greentown Tavern
Drive to Work

3% lower than the US average

Take Public Transit

2% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

1% lower than the US average


Vista Medical Center East
Vista Medical Center West


CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy


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