Key findings

  • Warwick has a Livability Score of 72/100, which is considered excellent
  • Warwick crime rates are 7% lower than the Rhode Island average
  • Cost of living in Warwick is 3% lower than the Rhode Island average
  • Warwick real estate prices are 18% lower than the Rhode Island average
  • Rental prices in Warwick are 16% higher than the Rhode Island average

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      Top Rated Schools in Warwick

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Scott SchoolKG - 626050%
      Warwick Neck SchoolKG - 627742%
      Wyman SchoolKG - 628240%
      Cedar Hill SchoolKG - 639438%
      Sherman SchoolKG - 636338%
      Lippitt SchoolKG - 623237%
      Norwood SchoolKG - 624537%
      Greenwood SchoolKG - 629735%
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      Warwick Is Eh

      Dont listen to the kid above my post. Warwick has little *serious* crime (drugs another story but this is 2020 america drugs are everywhere). Crime is actually the ONLY thing in warwick you dont have to worry about. I could walk in any neighborhood in Warwick by myself at 3am in the morning on any day of the week and nothing would happen to me. Id actually be surprised if i even seen anybody outside this place is a ghost town. No neighborhood in Pilgrim is even close to having a crime problem, in fact kids from pilgrim have a habit of thinking they live in the ghetto but then live in neighborhoods like governor francis ( a very large very wealthy neighborhood) and Pawtuxet (one of the prettiest areas in all of Rhode Island, very expensive to live in). 02888 actually has the highest median income of all the zip codes in warwick at 73k in the latest census. Pilgrim area people are known to start problems and then call the police if anything gets serious. The rap group "Warraq" is from the pilgrim area. That is all you need to know about that side of town lol. Anyways Warwick is very eh simply because of the people who live here. They have no culture. They are very closed off to anything besides drinking and getting high. The schools are indeed lackluster and have no money to afford basic school supplies and there are no good after school clubs or field trips or anything. They have said they have made improvements to the buildings but they are still over crowded and very dirty with brown water coming out the bathroom sinks commonly. They do not care to make education interesting and in my class there were very many drop outs and a decent amount of fights that would disrupt class also. There is no nightlife in Warwick you are going to have to drive to providence which isnt far so i guess thats alright. we are surrounded by a loud airport with tons of boarded up and closed down businesses around it, and all the restaurants that are open are over priced and mediocre. It's hard to get a good paying job here, but thats just rhode island in general. There are so many closed down stores throughout the whole city and yes there are run down neighborhoods. Not as run down as providence or pawtucket or even most of west warwick but still run down. For every run down neighborhood in Warwick though theres a neighborhood that isnt run down unlike some the other surrounding cities. Overall Warwick is extremely diverse in terms of money. You have rich people and poor people and working class people all around. Its truly a mixed bag. Oakland beach is what most people consider the most run down neighborhood in Warwick but I grew up around there and theyve made so many improvements it just gets a bad rep. Conimicut area down to the beginning of warwick neck (once u get into warwick neck it turns very nice), Lakewood, Norwood, the neighborhood behind the airport around the wendys down to the motel 6 and the area that borders west warwick and bald hill road are run down but also all improving just like OB. Also Warwick isnt cheap thats a lie, its just not as expensive as some the surrounding cities which are criminally expensive. this is a 100% honest review of a city ive lived in since 5 years old and i am 21 now.
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      The ACTUAL experience of Warwick, RI

      As a resident of Warwick, it is pretty trash and there is nothing to do here. Worst zip code to live in is 02888, it is the border of Cranston and is the busiest. Drug deals happen a lot due to it being closer to Providence. It is very busy due to the fact the it's next to the highway, and the airport. Worst neighborhoods to live in, in Warwick are:

      1. Oakland Beach
      2. Norwood
      3. Lincoln Park
      4. Conimicut
      5. Lakewood
      6. Pawtuxet Village

      Warwick is actually a mixture of run-down neighborhoods, and good neighborhoods, but mostly run-down. It's actually sad to know that people think Warwick is a safe place. It has a higher crime-rate than Johnston, Lincoln, and Cranston, which are major cities bordering Providence. For example, I live near Norwood and Lakewood, and I've seen a girl get stabbed to death in a nearby drug store. I've seen an altercation, that resulted into a stabbing on my street, and I've seen near death car crashes.

      Schools are worse, too. Not just because of the fact that the schools can't afford anything, such as sports, and new textbooks, there's drug abuse and rat and bug infestations. Pilgrim High School has a cricket and silverfish infestation. The school is known to also sink a centimeter every year, due to it being built on a swamp. Tollgate and Pilgrim High School are also know for drug abuse. In TollGate, a transgender girl got arrested for selling Fentanyl to kids at school. At Pilgrim, two kids got caught with molly and ecstacy, and to make matters worse, a 60 yr old man got arrested for selling drugs, in the Pilgrim High School parking lot.

      All I'm trying to say, is please stay away from Warwick, this could end up being another mistake you make. If you don't want your kids to end up in the hospital, or to get a bad education, STAY AWAY FROM WARWICK!
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      The Good and the Bad of Warwick, RI

      Warwick, RI is a quaint city with a small town look and feel. When I visited it was due to a scheduling mix up and I flew into T.F. Green Airport. I had some time to kill so I decided to wander around what appeared to be a very pleasant very quaint town.

      Being somewhat of a history buff I visited Warwick's historic sites. The most unusual site is a place called Drum Rock. This rock was used to signal other tribes by producing a deep resonating sound or so the story goes. It is a quaint stop and definitely worth a look if you are short on time.

      During my short stop in Warwick, I also visited the Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum while I was there. This quaint little museum features Victorian exhibits. I was there during their 100 years of romance display. I hear that they change the exhibit to fit the season and would like to see more of them.

      The only negative to the experience in Warwick was the food found there. I am not sure if it was the season or just a general lack of good chefs. It seems that everywhere I ate was not only over priced but had bad food. I'm not saying that all Warwick restaurants aren't up to par, as I'm sure there are some that get the job done.
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      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Warwick, RI data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).