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Boring little town, plan on a 45 min. ride to any fun

Walmart, dollar general, subway, sonic,mcdonalds pizza hut, china buffet, the pioneer, veracruz....I just named basically all this town has to offer. walmart is tiny and has no restaurant or snack bar within. there are 2 small parks, one is very small. the city pool is tiny. the library was moved to a brand new building, but it must have Been only for the outward appearance and the librarians benefit because besides the librarians area, the inside is small and houses few books pr movies, sadly. downtown is empty, save for a coffee shop, the Chinese restaurant, and a few offices. that's about it. the town Laurie is close but not anything different there. if you're visiting Versailles, best I can recommend is walk around the small downtown square and grab a coffee at the coffee house, then head to veracruz for dinner, if it's the Christmas season you could drive through the little park in town because they do light it up nicely. but honestly save yourself and go to the other side of the lake or better yet Jefferson city where you can atleast catch a movie or do some shopping. if you're moving here, let me say I was frustrated because we couldn't get any stations to come in on our tv, and I was bored because of lack of any resources or entertainment. However the ladies at the health department are wonderful and there seemed to be some good programs there. also good police department. In short, we are much much much happier living in a better town!
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