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Vallejo, CA - More than just a rest stop

I frequently drive up to Reno, and on the way home I always take a break and stop at that beautiful rest area off of I-80 just before you get to Vallejo. The view there is wonderful, the air is refreshing and the restrooms are clean too. But up until now, I've never even set foot in the actual city of Vallejo. Why not? Because, to me, Vallejo always seemed to be just one more dreary and out-of-the-way place. Recently, however, my opinion of the city of Vallejo was drastically changed when a friend of mine invited me there for an art opening. An art opening? In Vallejo? Sure! I also discovered that Vallejo has an Arts District, an Entertainment District and a Heritage Home District too. Vallejo has heritage homes? Yes it does. "It also has a marina, a Six Flags theme park and a ferry to San Francisco," said my friend. "Come visit me sometime and I'll give you the tour." So I did. We made a day of it, visiting the fabulous 1912 Empress Theater, the Naval and Historical Museum, Vallejo's Old Town and a marina restaurant called the Sardine Can. Surprisingly, it turned out to be time well spent and I'm already planning another trip to Vallejo to see the rest of the city.
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