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Vail is definitely the place to go if you want to see a small town grow. I live in Esmond Station, so we're by all of the food, stores, schools, and whatnot. It's so sad to see this have a lower rating when it's outdated. There is a mall coming by (blueprints are still in planning phase though,) and lots of fast food places. There has been a recent Ross open up by the Walmart area. The place has been out booming a lot lately. The schools are really good, as they take the kids and their education first. The food served at Esmond station is really good too. My sisters feel all fueled up after lunch, ready to do whatever is in their classroom waiting for them! Although, once a good neighborhood has to come with a con. There has been a traffic light debate, and it's causing upset people and car crashes without the light. The bright side though, is that the community is finally getting one in. That's all about Vail, athough I would like you to see it for yourself!-Caitlynn
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