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Twenty-nine Palms, CA: Military life

My son was stationed and living in the city of Twenty-nine Palms, in 2009. During the holidays my family and I went down Cali to visit him on theMilitary base. We traveled to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. It is the best areas in Twenty-nine Palms is the Commissary where my family and I went shopping. They have an array of activities; you can use the gym, pool, and even run the track if you like. Everything you need for daily living is on the base. Once you step outside the base there's not much else to do in Twenty-nine Palms. We stayed for a weekend visit and it was hot and humid with 110 degrees weather! It's absolutely gorgeous in Cali as you travel to other neighboring cities like Palm Springs. There are Palm trees everywhere and the blazing hot Sun. The cost of living in California is extremely high compared to Twenty-nine Palms, other cities, and the National census unless you live on the base. Even housing in Twenty-nine Palms is cheaper than buying a house in other locations in California. Amenities are numerous if you travel just outside the base to hwy 61 & Mesquite Springs, where we found (3) grocery stores, (8) food & drink shops, about (9) shopping centers, and Public transportation.
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