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Total F****** Joke of a Town

I'll keep it short and sweet. There are five major problems that basically ruin the shithole that Is the "twin cities" of Tama/Toledo :1. Rich Yups.2. Lack of shit to do.3. Housing and cost of living.4. High number of meth users and alcoholics. 5. Native Americans.Like most small towns in America if you're not rich, don't have a certain last name, or are from another town or state you're not welcome, EVER!!There is literally nothing to do or see in this town. This town is such a Shithole they have to resort to events such as the "Stoplight Festival" to keep people entertained and it's exactly what it sounds like, a festival in honor of a street light that's lower and cemented into the ground unlike most other stoplights Finding housing in this shithole is next to impossible unless you have friends from here who will let you room with them. The only other option is to buy a house and I don't think I need to explain how difficult that is.Then there is the meth and alcohol problem. Now I know that this issue is partially due to the spillover from the adjacent Meskwaki Settlement just down the road but in all fairness it's not just them and it's a shame to because both are EVERYWHERE!! If you see people outside of their house it's probably because they're drinking or are already drunk. The meth problem is by far the worst I've ever seen and I grew up around the Kansas/Nebraska border if that says anything. The real tragedy is nobody seems to care about it even though it directly or indirectly effects everybody here.Now my biggest problem and I realize it'll sound racist but if you plan to move here you deserve to know, native Americans. The natives here are some of the dumbest, rudest, ignorant, group of alcoholic fucking meth heads I've ever met. It is very rare to see a native here without a drink in their hand, booze already in their system, or meth mouth. There is a reason for this and I even came up with a name for it, conquered pension. Full blooded natives when they graduate highschool or turn 21(more often the latter) they receive a trust which is in excess of $100,000-$1,000,000. Then most of them get between $2,000 and $3,000 a month for the rest of their lives....for being conquered. Not only had this ruined the people themselves for the aforementioned reasons but it's also destroying their culture. Natives historically are known for being intelligent, hard working, crafty, well connected people. Now that they get all that free money all of that is taking a back seat to laziness, scratch tickets, booze, and drugs. They're no longer intelligent because most of then drop out of highschool because what's the point when you get east street for life and almost NONE of them have a college education because...well...why bother. Most aren't Harding working and have in fact never worked a day in their lives because again why bother when you get paid for life for being conquered. I. Their defense some actually hold down employment while receiving conquered pension and good for them because that's about the smartest way to do it. Lastly they're no longer in almost anyway connected with their culture or the earth for the exact same reasons....why bother. Most will play arts an crafts all day and go to a POWWOW here and there but it's all just a ruse. They could honestly care less about their culture or the planet they are just here and there to collect that free money. Now I know what you're thinking and I promise I'm not racist nor am I envious. I say these things based off of two points the first of which is my time working at the local Jiffy station. Every time a native came in there were a handful if things you could almost guarantee they'd walk out of the store with, scratch tickets, booze, and cigarettes. I even started doing the math in my year working there of every native that came in while I was working and which ones purchased the aforementioned and at the end of that shift I would crunch the numbers to a percentage to see the percentage of natives that bought those It and it was staggering! The percentage was never below 85%, NOT EVEM ONCE!! Every shift I worked 85% of natives or more were getting carcinogenic products, liquid poison, or money wasting scratchers. Secondly it's the conquered pension. Seriously, what makes these natives so special that they get paid for being conquered? Don't get me wrong what happened to the natives was a genocide and was absolutely horrible but so we're the conquests of the Jews, Armenians, Ukrainians, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, etc. Where is their money? Where is their free ride? It was my understanding that bigger more powerful countries have been conquering smaller and weaker ones for a millennia yet Natives in America are the only ones I've heard of who get paid for such. Trust me it's not from a point of racism or envy but seeing the strife most of those other nations still go through today coupled how the local natives have handled this giant helping of freebies I think that it's total bullshit. They don't deserve it in any way, shape, or form and quite frankly I hope they lose these benefits before their people are too far gone if they aren't already. Long story short if you are thinking of moving or living here don't, just don't. You're much better off.-AlexP.S.If you need marijuana or cocaine hit up Kiya Kehanna. Shit might get head out of it
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