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Small, typical college town.

I've lived in Tallahassee for four years as a student. Apart from the obvious college-town culture, Tallahassee has a lot going on. The city has a strong artistic vibe. Everyone should check out the Railroad Square Arts Park on the first Friday of the month for an open house of the art galleries, live music, and food trucks galore. The university (FSU/FAMU/TCC) population inspires a lot of musicians like Drake and Childish Gambino to perform in town from time to time. The downtown area is tiny, but quaint with a row of tasty restaurants. There is a heavy presence of locally owned businesses in the area, which include restaurants, bars, thrift shops, and boutiques. The city is also excellent for museum lovers or those looking for pieces of natural or cultural history in Florida. There is an historically Greek part of town, as well as nearby remnants of Spanish Missions, etc. Tallahassee is a fun place to explore, and an interesting place to live. Located a reasonable distance from nearby beaches, state parks, and the infamous Panama City.
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Planning on visiting Florida? Maybe a family trip to Disneyworld? Perhaps a week in Miami? Well, have you ever considered Tallahassee? My wife and I were looking for a weekend getaway that was not too far from our Central Florida home. We decided to try Tallahassee. We were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of Tallahassee and the surrounding area. The state capitol offered us a chance to see various attractions and tour art galleries, visit a museum and see a number of historic sites. Driving around the city we admired all the live oaks and lush foliage. We passed by Florida State and had a Seminole moment. My wife wanted to check out some thrift shops in Tallahassee so we spent part of the day shopping at the local Goodwill store and found a few bargains. We enjoyed a nice lunch at a local Tallahassee restaurant and before we knew it, we had to head home. I thought it was a great little trip and would definitely visit the city of Tallahassee again in the future.
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