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Spent 18 yrs there

Tallahassee is a great place to live...if you travel a lot. I moved to TLH after living in Boca Raton for a short time and hated Boca Raton. TLH was a breath of fresh air, as there are a lot of educated, interesting people. Aside from interesting, educated people, the bright spot is all Florida State University has to offer. They have a superb school of music, offering classical music concerts that are free or nearly so. Likewise, school of theater and top notch athletics - football, basketball and baseball, even a circus. Tallahassee also boasts a fabulous professional symphony orchestra, The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra. To make a decent living, you really need to own your own business. Housing prices are relatively low, although higher than other places in FL. Restaurants are, for the most part, terrible. When I lived there, there was one great restaurant, Albert's Provence. It is now owned by someone else and I cannot speak to quality. The Governor's Club is definitely worth membership. A lot of dining takes place in private homes, for obvious reasons. At the time I lived there, I would sometimes have special ingredients shipped in as grocery store offerings were wanting. Shopping? Forget it. There are men's stores but for women's clothing, you must leave town. Leaving town is not easy as there are very few airlines and air fares are astronomical. There is a nice jewelry store, The Gem Collection. This report gives a very poor crime rating. There is crime near the universities and downtown but other areas of Tallahassee are very safe. Weather? Oh, my, do I have to go outside? The good thing about Tallahassee weather is you can experience 4 seasons. Fall and Spring are delightful but brief. And, unfortunately, Spring comes with a yellow coating of pollen. Winter is also nice, in my opinion. It may freeze a few times a year but no snow. Summer, well, summer is a good time to leave town. Many people have summer homes in the Carolinas. If you travel frequently, you can satisfy your need for shopping, restaurants and decent summer weather but when you're there, you can enjoy what FSU has to offer and pleasant times in the homes of interesting friends.
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Source: The Tallahassee, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).