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Stillwater, Oklahoma: Family Friendly or College Student Haven?

I lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma while attending college at Oklahoma State University. Having grown up in a small town, Stillwater felt like a good blend of country life and big city adventure. With plenty for the average college student to do, as well as an abundance of family friendly opportunities, I quickly felt right at home. Stillwater is arranged in a grid pattern making it very easy to find your way around, especially for a visitor or newcomer to the area. I found it relatively easy to find good, affordable housing. While there aren't a large number of homes to rent or purchase, there are plenty of quality neighborhoods that provide great homes and apartments regardless of your family situation. The shopping experience is adequate with grocery, retail and specialty stores sprinkled throughout the city. Restaurants are abundant with many choices ranging from a quaint hole in the wall to mainline eateries. Like any small city, sometimes you find exactly what you are looking for and other times you are just out of luck. Parks, libraries, and other expected amenities are plentiful, and the college provides sporting, music, and other events throughout the year. Stillwater is even home to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame which draws visitors and wrestling enthusiasts from across the nation. Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Stillwater. It was a nice place to live for the time I was there, but when it was time to leave that was ok. It was a good place to call home while studying and is a decent place to raise a family; not too big, yet not too small.
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