Key findings

  • Stamford has a Livability Score of 72/100, which is considered excellent
  • Stamford crime rates are 24% lower than the Connecticut average
  • Cost of living in Stamford is 29% higher than the Connecticut average
  • Stamford real estate prices are 87% higher than the Connecticut average
  • Rental prices in Stamford are 51% higher than the Connecticut average

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      Stamford, CT

      Stamford, Connecticut, a town in Fairfield County, is the third largest city in the state, behind New Haven and Bridgeport. It is the seventh-largest city in New England. With a population of about 150,000 people, it is about 30 miles from Manhattan. It is a center of finance, and includes one of the largest concentrations of businesses and companies (including multiple Fortune 500 companies) in the country. The cost of living is much higher than the U.S. average and buying and renting is not cheap, either. If you want to live in a safe business center that is close to New York, though, it is great.

      Long, hot summers and cool winters are the norm in Stamford. Connecticut, being coastal, is somewhere in between the harsh four-season weather of Northern New England and the milder temperatures of the Southern and Atlantic states. A lot of thunderstorms happen in the summer, while rain, wind and the occasional snowfall define the winter seasons. Spring and fall are warm with mud and foliage. A mix of all types of clothing, along with being prepared for a wide range of weather is needed when moving there.

      The CT Transit Bus Service, the Metro-North Railroad and Amtrak take you across the state and the country, whether you want to visit towns or cities. It is all inexpensive, and a great way to travel sans-car.

      Caumsett State Park and Island Park offer greenery-filled areas in which to relax, but for a faster pace, head to New York or Westport. Spend a beach day at Westport’s Compo Beach or Sherwood Island State Park. Or, if the performing arts are more to your liking, shows are always running at the Westport Country Playhouse, the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts and Westport Arts Center.

      If you want to go into the city, it is simple to do so. Take in a Broadway show, get your New York pizza, bagels and cheesecake, shop along Fifth Avenue and relax in Bryant Park while listening to live music. You may decide to go on a boat tour and see the Statue of Liberty. Or tour the Museum of Modern Art. Or catch a New York Yankees game while eating a hot dog. No matter what you choose, the city awaits.

      Stamford offers access to some of the top companies, entertainment options and cities in the country, while giving you a safe place to call home. People are proud of their city, friendly and ready to answer your questions when you move there. It offers a small-town feel and the chance to see big cities, which is the best of both worlds.

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      Boring, expensive greedy
      Parking is the worst. They think they are NY City. Will give you a ticket even if you park at a spot for one minute. Don’t visit this town...Definetively not a city. There is nothing to see there.
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      Very dangerous gangs and drugs
      This city loves its nightlife and hiding the fact that its very dangerous. So many shootings evreyday and drugs are a huge problem here. Low crime rates are said because north satmford takes up 1/3 of the city and its very rural. After that its just many hoods and shady areas such as the west sode and springdale.
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      Better for singles/couples than families
      I've been living in Stamford for 20 years and I'm familiar with the good, the bad and the ugly of it. In all fairness, aside from the long, cold winter (and the shape it leaves our roads in) and the fact that our beach park is invaded by out-of-staters that literally camp there and own the place on weekends, it's a diverse, pleasant, safe, relatively quiet city to live in. Housing is "cheaper" than surrounding Darien, Westport and Greenwich. Schools are slightly better than Norwalk's, and much, much better than Bridgeport's. There are an impressive variety of dining and shopping options. Nightlife is OK, with a variety of bars and clubs. Besides a few city parks, local attractions are somewhat limited to three movie theatres, two playhouses, a couple of museums and a nature center, but we have a YMCA and a huge Chelsea Pier complex. All in all, a great place for singles and young couples with money to spend.Once you have children, though, you start seeing things somewhat differently... You realize that unless you have a $$ Chelsea Pier membership (or really, really like ice skating), you're out of local options when it comes to keeping the children busy during the long winter months (thankfully, Norwalk has an aquarium and a children's museum); that you won't find a daycare for under $300/week (unless you're subsidized, of course, in which case you'll find a wide array of very cheap options); that unless you're lucky enough to make the Magnet lottery or live in the Westover district, you're stuck with under-funded very average schools; that your taxes fund everyone but you; that unless you can spend $1,500+/week, your children will never see a nice summer camp in their life; in short: that the city is not the best place for families – or at least not for middle-class ones.My two cents...
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      2001 In Stamford, CT
      When I lived in Stamford, CT, in 2001, it was a nice place to live. There were number of areas to rent an apartment in that weren't too expensive. I liked the community involvement because the people were nice. They seemed to care about each other. I was only there for a short time, but it was a decent place to live. For those that are being relocated to the area, they will find that they will have a decent way of life. Most of the people work in other areas. Shopping in the Stamford, CT area is good. People will find what they need within miles of where they live. They won't need to travel to get their groceries, and they will enjoy the small shops and boutiques when they are looking for specialty items.

      When people are looking for attractions in Stamford, CT, they will need to go a bit of ways before they find any. People like to visit the Downtown area and then further away is the Mohegan Sun Casino.

      For those that like food, there are plenty of restaurants to try in and around the area. The cuisine is varied, and people are pleased with the atmosphere of the restaurants that they go to. Two great restaurants are the Aria and The Barcelona. Nightlife is a little sparse in the area, except for Bar Rosso, but about an hour away there are tons of great theaters and clubs that will give them the entertainment that they desire.
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      Not a bad city, I like it!
      My cousins live in this city and the neighborhoods there are pretty safe and the housing is great! They have a nice mall and lots of good shopping in downtown. The crime here is not bad, but I've heard of some crimes in downtown Stamford. It's definitely better than Trenton, New Jersey, that's for sure. I actually kind of like how it said the crime rate is a B. I agree. The crime here is not bad and neighborhoods are calm and peaceful like my town. I also like the fact that Stamford has the most skyscrapers in Connecticut. The attractions here are nice, but it's not a place for tourists to come to. So, the tourist rate is low...
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      Diverse Town
      Stamford is fabulous. Highly recommended, lots of variety in all areas. If you're looking for a fun place to go then look no further. There are countless bars, shopping areas, restaurants, movie theaters, and other attractions to keep you occupied. Stamford is a place as close as you can get to the city without the busy atmosphere.

      House prices and apartment rents are not high as compared to other Greater Metropolitan New York areas. This is one of the reasons my cousin had moved to the city of Stamford with the intention of buying a house. Still, it may not be a good idea to rent an apartment in downtown as prices can be on a higher side. Although, I was not impressed by lack of recreational facilities but I guess anyone living here would certainly love its clean environment and laid back lifestyle.
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      Stamford, CT - A City of Contrast
      Last time I traveled to Stamford, was in January 2009, when one of my cousins invited me to his new home. The highlight of my three day visit was a tour of the UBS trading floor, where he works. I must suggest that it is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Stamford as it holds the largest column less roof in the World. I wasn't really expecting anything from this city when suddenly we crossed headquarters of WWE, which made my cousin explain that Stamford is also home to many Fortune 500 companies.

      Perhaps, it is one of the reasons that the small station at Amtrak New Haven line is always busting with life by people commuting to New York City to their regional offices. I must confess that the city, itself, is not any different from other US cities. Moreover, it did not seem to have the kind of nightlife which I got accustomed to in other cities. Stamford is one of the safest cities in Connecticut, however, the riots of 2006 are still engrossed in memory and people of Stamford seem to talk about it a lot.

      Luckily, house prices and apartment rents are not high as compared to other Greater Metropolitan New York areas. This is one of the reasons my cousin had moved to the city of Stamford with the intention of buying a house. Still, it may not be a good idea to rent an apartment in downtown as prices can be on a higher side. Although, I was not impressed by lack of recreational facilities but I guess anyone living here would certainly love its clean environment and laid back lifestyle.
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      Source: The Stamford, CT data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).