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I love St. Louis Park, MN

I moved to St. Louis Park just a few years ago and I have enjoyed living here so far. This is definitely a place to move if you are a young adult; there are just so many things for you to do. This isn't huge city, but there are a lot of different businesses, stores, and restaurants to choose from and the community is very fresh and continually growing. You don't have to travel very far to find something exciting to do. I had no trouble finding a respectable job only a few weeks after I got my apartment. i don't have any kids yet, but I know that the schools here rank fairly high. I wouldn't be against sending my future children to any one of them. I am very happy with the way that city council members engage with the people of the city St. Louis Park does a very good job listening to the people who live within its jurisdiction. There have been many meetings designed to listen to what the citizens have had to say. The city has become cleaner and more well organized as the community meetings continue. It is nice to be part of a city that listens to the complaints of its people and works to make things better for everyone. I feel as though the only tow things I don't like about the city is how cold it gets in the winter and how far I have to travel to reach true nature. The buildings are well-made and there are tons of plants around, but I feel as though I have to go out of my way to get into the wilderness. However, once I do get out of the city, about an hour or so drive, there are lots of forests.
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