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I Like Southfield BUT....

My wife and I who live in St. Louis visit her mother in Southfield Michigan several times a year. On my last visit, I found a parking ticket on the windshield of our rental car which had out of town plates. The violation was for "no street parking 3 AM to 6 AM". No signs were posted to that effect. The ticket was $80 which is absurd for a minor infraction. Needless to say, the officer who ticketed my vehicle saw the out of town plates and profiled my vehicle knowing that I would not be able to appeal the ticket in Southfield court. Michigan has an idiotic law that does not require townships to post parking signs on local streets. The State law only requires the township to place a 3 foot by 4 foot sign with parking regulations at the entry borders of their township. After 25 years of visiting Southfield I have never seen such a sign. This put a very bitter taste in my mouth about the city of Southfield. Southfield is going through very tough times and many parts of it look like a ghetto. How dare they try and collect absurd parking fees from hard working families trying to make ends meet. Hey Southfield, you got it all wrong! I may just take my money and spend it in a nearby township. Get it?
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Nice Suburbs: Southfield, MI

Many families choose to live in Southfield, MI for the city's nice suburbs and close proximity to Detroit. Because many working families depend on having transportation to Detroit on a daily basis, Southfield can be the perfect answer to one's transportation and family needs. Southfield is the more glamorous place of business for people working in metro Detroit. The commute from Southfield to Detroit is only about 20 minutes. There are many places to shop in Southfield. The Northland Center is a popular mall featuring any store you could possibly think of. Out of all of the cities in Michigan, Southfield is one that is least hurt by the dismal economy in Michigan. There are still plenty of businesses that are thriving in Southfield. Because of its economic health, many people are continuing to move to Southfield and seek jobs. Traffic in Southfield can be incredibly busy during times like rush hour. However, many people find ways around this after they live in Southfield for a year or two. There are plenty of side streets and alternative roads to take that are less busy during rush hour. Overall, if you want to have easy transportation for work and a great place to raise a family, then Southfield is the city for you.
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