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  • South Miami Heights has a Livability Score of 61/100, which is considered below average
  • South Miami Heights crime rates are 32% higher than the Florida average
  • Cost of living in South Miami Heights is 3% higher than the Florida average

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South Miami Heights: The Tip of Florida 3.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 14, 2018) South Miami Heights is a nice city a little bit south of Miami. All things considered, it's an alright city with a few caveats. The weather is naturally warm year round, but you'll have to contend with the occasional hurricane and frequent thunderstorms.

Living in South Miami He
...Read More ights has its drawbacks. The crime is a little high, possibly because it's close to Miami. The cost of living is low though, but again that may be partially because of the crime. If you enjoy going out to nightclubs, you won't find too much here either. You'll want to have your own car to get around the city, too. Otherwise, you'll be stuck using the public bus system.

However, Zoo Miami is right there and it might be the best area in South Miami Heights. It's a great place to enjoy an afternoon and it's not too expensive either. Overall, the city has some room for improvement but its great weather and proximity to the ocean are plusses. Read Less
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4% higher than the US average

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1% lower than the US average

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2% lower than the US average

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