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PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Edison Park, Chicago774.311,128
O'hare, Chicago747.512,706
Forest Glen, Chicago743.218,298
Norwood Park, Chicago714.937,477
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Jefferson Park, Chicago70426,594
North Center, Chicago696.834,931
North Park, Chicago693.618,562
Dunning, Chicago68743,244

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Pistakee Highlands, IL81353,263
Algonquin, IL8130.830,413
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Pleasant Prairie, WI8137.120,395
Lake in the Hills, IL8131.128,908
Grandwood Park, IL8127.65,471
Highland CDP, IN8036.84,256
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Many go out places but also many troubles

I honestly don't recommend this town for living from my experience. Every day during my 10 to 25minutes drive I see at least one dead animal (usually two or three) killed by car accident on the road(15-30miles). Cars run fast in streets and parking lots. Many times they don't stop or slow down for pedestrians. I saw a group of people in a car throwing bottles of alcohol out of the car, happened on Touhy road passing Villiage crossing. The car ran fast into our villiage (many apratments gathered). Yesterday I saw a car not stopping and hitting two raccoons then running over one of the raccoons that just got hit. Other cars in the back slowed down and I hope someone moved and called 911 because the raccoons were hurt but still alive. The car drove a while and stopped. It seemed like the person just wanted to check his car... but not the raccoons. Yesturday I finally figured how Icould see so many dead animals on the road, some people in town never slow down.The street in front of my apartment is one way with cars parked in both sides. One night, there was a car standing half part sticking out to the road. I waited for a while because the guy inside turned his face and looked at me. So I asked him, "Could you move your car a little bit sir?" He stared at me, told me to just go through and shortly he started yelling. I told him that I was sorry but I wasn't good at driving so if he could help me a little bit. Now he started swearing and his party came out from the apartment and joined. She stood in front my car and sweared and yelled. I was scared so I tried slowly and passed, I made it and it worked, but you know what I mean... You don't park your car like that eapecially when you park on one way street. Also you don't swear at the person who asks you nicely to move the car into the right spot. While I was passing, the lady bent her back and put her head right next to my face (the window was opened) and yelled directly at my ear. I couldn't call the police at the moment because I was afraid of what they would do when they see me trying to call the police.I got into a car accident 4 months ago, it was a brand new car that only had been two weeks. We atopped at a red signal light. After around 10 seconds a car ran into our back. We pulled our car to the side, our bumper was totally crashed. The ladies came out of the car giggling and chatting each other then asked us "Are you okay?(still laughing)" We called the cops and were waiting together. Instead of saying sorry they said "Did you call the cops? (We did in front of her) I don't have much time." To a person who was hurt because of her, I was holding my back and sitting down because I hurt my back.She didn't seem like she understood what she just did to someone. The police came and asked questions to us and joined them immmediately chatting and laughing. He also made a mistake on the report writing as we hit their car. It did look like he wasn't concentrating on his work though.Honestly speaking, we have many troublesome neighbors. Those stories are just few ones that happened not long ago so I remember. My family and my neighbors have bigger and smaller issues they've experienced in this town. I gave two stars because there are big malls around. However I would rather recommend you driving down and visit to hang out but not to live here. I really regret moving to this town. Of course there are good neighbors as well. Every towns have good and bad neighbors, but you will see more troubles and issues compare to other towns and town and it's been getting worse.
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