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Simi Valley, California - One of CA's Best Cities!

As a political junkie, I love the historical features like Ronald Reagan's presidential library that this city offers to tourists and residents. Simi Hills is a great, tucked away gem in California that is little known to tourists. Located in southern California, the city of Simi Valley is right near Ventura County, Fernando Valley, and the greater Los Angeles area. While I found the natural beauty of the area to be breathtaking, according to residents there are some fears about wild fires. Thus, if you are thinking about purchasing a home in Simi Valley, I would be aware that wild fires are often rampant in Simi Valley. Unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable recommending Simi Valley as a place for families to live in, even though I truly enjoyed meeting residents and business professionals of Simi Valley. There did seem to be a decent amount of the necessities like: shopping, restaurants, bars and some good attractions and other interesting things to do. There are many great Universities located near Simi Valley, however, you would be required to commute to the city. Pepperdine and California Lutheran University are two great, religious Universities to consider for college. Since California tends to lean left politically, it can be refreshing to discover religious points of view in California! At least my friends in California have told me this. Overall, Simi Valley is breathtaking but not recommended for families.
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