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don't move here

Do yourself a favor and don't try to live in Sevier County Tennessee. Sure there's plenty of work but they're all low paying and many of the bosses will cheat you on your hours and treat you badly. About 25 percent of the locals are extremely friendly.. Mostly older people. The rest are surly, and will lie to you, cheat you, and steal from you. And there are many many on drugs and alcohol. The apartments, rooms, and one rv we've rented have all been unlivable and overpriced. We were lied to before moving into some of them. Saying they had WiFi when they didn't. We've had leaks inmore than one place and there's always people yelling when you're trying to sleep. Some of the stores you go into they treat you like they're doing you a favor by waiting on you. Very surly people.
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