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Southern Charm is Fictitious

I cannot even begin to express how utterly disappointed I am about living in Savannah. There is no such thing as "Southern Charm". They made it up so people would visit as tourist. In the four years I have lived in Savannah, I have been robbed three times. The pace is so slow here, but do not be fooled. They will rob you in a NY minute. Chatham County is just one big ghetto. Masked behind the history that is used to lure tourists in, is an impoverished, uneducated, crime riddled town. If you move to Savannah, kiss good service, manners, and safety good bye and just accept that competence and ethics are not the norm around here. It is true shame because it is an absolutely beautiful place but the people make it terrible.
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Terrible city to live

I have lived here for one year and it has been the most disappointing and sad experience out of many years of travel. I find it insulting that brochures depict fountains of Forsyth Park and River street to be the norm, when in reality it's a mask for the grave poverty and oppression that rules the atmosphere. Unfortunately, I relocated for business but quickly found that good ol boys run this drinking town because of it's small stature compared to Atlanta. The tourist district preys on those easily deceived by trolley tours and ghost rides, clearly unable to dig deeper into the history of the city and address it's foundation of slavery which rules these southern mindsets of locals. Home to a growing number of 4,000 homeless due to it's warmth, Savannah harbors addiction on it's streets with an open container policy of booze. It fails to mention that education is too embarrassing to mention without the private schools bringing up failing test grades, I should know because I teach in the state of Chatham, a rogue title 1 system that caters to entitlement from all angles. Dare not leave the Broughton Street jurisdiction or travel past 4 blocks worth of squares, because poverty awaits you in stark form. It is sobering and sad to realize just how normal oppression is here. If it were up to me I would leave now, but I have to wait out my below than average pay grade and save up for moving costs, which is worth it if I can prosper among people who don't want to be trapped in a drinking town built around hotels and bars that create slaves to night life, which is pretty lame around here, and why booze is a staple. I feel SCAD students don't care if mommy and daddy pay a slumlord for cheap rent because their ignorance still seems elite compared to the average Chatamite who works the system to maintain a crime surrounded rental unit. All in all, nobody is better than the next because racism prevails and the history of slavery supports it. The Bible belt need not even be mentioned because miracles and gifts are snuffed out over choice to beat outsiders over the head with the Bible, leaving little hope and barely any truth to be found in the "hood". This is a lifeless and manipulative city, one filthy without intention to clean itself up because it has made history by pimping out people for profit and costing them peace. Education should be an F, as well as crime. Just off Washington Avenue where they have to recruit Gulfstream employees to relocate to, one has to empty their car and leave it unlocked or else he would risk busted windows. It's a joke, all smoke and mirrors coming directly down from the system it believes will save them. They are eating their own, yet they don't give a rip. It may be cheap to live here, but it could cost you your sanity because no amount of discounts and kickbacks for "working the system" are worth the depravity that hovers. I'm so sorry I drank the juice and believed the lie that so many pictures of sunny skies and statistics fed me. I pray I can get out soon and when I do, maybe then I'll feel relieved enough to pray for those I have left behind, but being among the heaviness, it feels truly daunting. My life is worth my sanity to keep from becoming oppressed and addicted in Savannah.
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Savannah, Georgia - A Confluence of the Ancient and the New

Savannah, Georgia is an intriguing place. I have been there many times. The city contains elements of the ancient and the new. Savannah is an old seaport town. In the early days, it was Georgia's capital and it's most important and prosperous city. Georgia's only sea port is located here. Savannah truly is a beautiful city. It contains antebellum mansions, parks and cemeteries that are hundreds of years old. Visiting these attractions is like stepping into the past. There are old world construction techniques and centuries old moss covered trees that cast long shadows and blessed shade throughout the city. Many in the city still embrace the leisurely pace for which the old South is famous. But Savannah also has elements of the most modern of cities. There are a number of colleges with vibrant populations of students carving a futuristic new world out of this old city. There are diverse musical styles and artists and musicians populate the riverwalk overlooking the lazy Savannah River. Here thousands work, shop, or just enjoy the ambiance and the incredible food offered by a stunning array of restaurants offering diverse dishes. And then there are the beautiful beaches that offer blessed peace of mind.
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