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Best Places To Live In Santa Rosa, CA

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Santa Rosa, CA: Sonoma County

Santa Rosa is a city in Sonoma County, California, which is known for its wineries. Located fifty-five miles north of San Francisco, it is the county seat and was the home of 'Peanuts' creator, Charles M. Schultz. With a population of roughly 175,000, it is the fifth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay area and the twenty-eighth most populous city in California.

Santa Rosa has been an urban center since the 1850s. After the earthquake and fires of 1906 destroyed much of the city, it was rebuilt in a variety architectural styles. There are four distinct regions, five historic neighborhoods, and a downtown area with an active nightlife.

If you are considering a move to Santa Rosa, here are a few things that you should know. You will have your choice of public schools, private schools, and charter schools for your children’s education. Most residents of Santa Rosa work in government, healthcare, and education, and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. The population is diverse and welcoming, so it is easy for newcomers to fit in.

There is always something to do in Santa Rosa. The Charles M. Schulz Museum, the Children’s Museum, the Sonoma County History & Art Museum, and the famous wineries of Sonoma County are just a few of the area’s many attractions. You can also visit the nearby Armstrong Redwoods, some of the oldest trees in California, or the Sonoma Coast State Beach, which is just a thirty-minute drive away.

With many transportation alternatives, it isn’t too hard to get around in Santa Rosa. The Santa Rosa City Bus has 400 stops and transports nearly 3 million passengers a year. However, most residents drive themselves on one of several highways.

The climate is cool in the winter and hot in the summer. Winter temperatures range from the upper thirties to the upper fifties, while summer temperatures average around eighty. The fall and spring are actually the nicest and most comfortable times of year in Santa Rosa.

The cost of living in Santa Rosa is slightly higher than average for California and substantially higher than the national average, but it is possible to find some good deals for affordable housing. A lot depends where you choose to live and whether you decide to rent or buy.

With an abundance of districts and neighborhoods, finding the perfect spot to settle down isn't easy. We are here to help you find the best places to live in Santa Rosa. To get started in choosing the best places in Santa Rosa, let us know your preferred location, desired home size, home/rent budget, and what metrics are most important to you.