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San Clemente, CA: The City By The Beach

I lived in San Clemente for many years growing up and still live nearby and visit quite often. San Clemente is home to over 63,000 residents. This is a remarkably diverse beach community with lots of culture and beauty. The main attraction in San Clemente is of course the beaches and mainly the San Clemente pier. The pier is the perfect spot to watch the sunset with that special person. Visitors and residents alike can grab a snack and a drink at the shops at the end of the pier, and watch the waves roll in, or if you enjoy fishing you can set up your gear and fish off the edge of the pier. The pier is an excellent place to stop and relax for a while and take in all the beautiful scenery. Enjoy playing golf, San Clemente has several remarkably well maintained and challenging golf courses. If camping is your thing, the state park near the beach offers tent, and motor home facilities. Dining in San Clemente is diverse, from small eateries to larger chain restaurants; I never have a problem satisfying my hunger. A wide range of accommodations, both near the beaches, and further inland can be throughout the city. San Mateo State Park offers bike/walking trails to the beach, and San Onofre State Park offers clean camping facilities along old Pacific Coast Highway. The farmers market is a fun place to walk around and see the goods offered by the local merchants. As beautiful of a city as San Clemente is, it does have problems. Gang issues have been present since the 1960's and are still present today. The violence, however, is mostly kept between rival gang members. The city outreach programs have made strides in reaching out too and preventing the younger generation of kids from entering the gangs, which has helped reduce the number of gang members and gang related issues.
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