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Great City for Families: Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills is one of the most affluent cities in Michigan. It is kind of like a best kept secret amongst Michiganders. As a safe city with very low crime rates, this city is highly recommended for raising families. Compared to other parts of Michigan, Rochester Hills is like a diamond in the rough. As a native Michigander who grew up in Shelby, I often visited Rochester Hills to go shopping on the weekends. I have always had a pleasant experience visiting Rochester Hills. Rochester Hills boasts some of the best schools in Michigan. When I was younger, I attended a private school named St. John's in Rochester Hills. St. John's was an amazing school back in its day. There are also great public schools in the area. Madonna even went to one of the public high schools in Rochester Hills and grew up in this great city! There is a beautiful downtown outdoor shopping center that is simply amazing. There are many elegant stores and fantastic restaurants. One of the best restaurants in Rochester Hills is Kruse & Muer. This restaurant is upscale and very classy, yet affordable too. Overall, Rochester Hill is one of the best cities in Michigan.
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