Richardson, TX

Population: 108,350

Key findings

  • Richardson has a Livability Score of 87/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Richardson crime rates are 23% lower than the Texas average
  • Cost of living in Richardson is 18% higher than the Texas average
  • Richardson real estate prices are 47% higher than the Texas average
  • Rental prices in Richardson are 30% higher than the Texas average

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      Richardson, TX

      If you’re looking to relocate to the DFW Area, the city of Richardson can offer you comfortable living in a safe, family-friendly environment. This city epitomizes a down-home Texas city while still having the industries and infrastructure to keep up with the modern times. Richardson has a population of just over 120,000 people and continues to be one of the best places in Texas to call home.

      Even though homes here are often priced higher than other parts of Texas, buying a home in Richardson can be an excellent investment if you want something for the long term. The overall cost of living in Richardson is on par with many other parts of the country, and there is potential to earn an excellent living in the city by working in the telecommunications or insurance fields.

      Children living in Richardson have the opportunity to attend some of the state’s top-rated schools. Mohawk Elementary and Prairie Creek Elementary are among the top primary schools that consistently receive excellent ratings. Many older children have achieved academic success by attending Richardson West Junior High School and Richardson High School. The University of Texas at Dallas and Richland College are among Richland’s higher learning institutions.

      Another great aspect of living in Richardson is the diversity among its residents. The city is made up of a largely Caucasian population, but Richardson has also drawn large numbers of immigrants who have moved here from China, Vietnam and India. Richardson is additionally home to a thriving Hispanic community.

      Whether you have your own vehicle or choose to travel by public transportation, getting around Richardson and the surrounding communities is easy. The President George Bush Turnpike is a major toll road that spans approximately 52 miles and can take you to cities like Plano, Irving and Arlington. U.S. 75 is another major thoroughfare that many drivers take. A light rail line that’s operated by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) can transport passengers to DFW Airport, The University of Texas at Dallas, and other major points in the region.

      Richardson is also known for its hot and dry summers and cool winters. The hottest summer temperatures often reach into the 90s while the coldest winter temperatures are sometimes around the freezing mark. The city averages 40 inches of rain per year, which is slightly above the U.S. average. Light snowfall can occur during some winters.

      You can find many great ways to spend your leisure time while living in Richardson. Cottonwood Park features a large duck pond and is a great place to take a walk on a pleasant day. You can check out all the classic vehicles that are on display at the North Texas Automotive Museum. Main Street, which runs through Richardson’s Historic Downtown, still looks in many ways like it did over a century ago.

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      Great American City - LOVE IT HERE

      First. The reviewer who posted you could get robbed and murdered in Richardson? Not going to argue that. But you were in the South part of Richardson down new Lake Highlands and North Dallas and it is the worst part of the Richardson because it borders criminal N. Dallas. Your suggestion to move to Plano is hilarious considering they have 4 murders this year compared to Richardson's 1. I don't care for Obama either, but let's be real.I moved to Richardson in 2002. I'll never live anywhere else if I have my way. The city is diverse with good people of all background. Has a high concentration of Asians and Asian business, very good city leadership, great schools (Public and Private) and a wonderful Police and Fire department.I moved from Oak Cliff. One of the most dangerous areas in Dallas. The people I know there don't like to come to Richardson because they believe the people are racist. I like it that way. I can honestly say that the people are not racist. They simply value their city and will not allow people to bring it down. So if you're coming to live here and plan to smoke weed in public, litter, fight, argue with business owners, rob and steal and kill, you won't like Richardson Police or the residents. We care for our neighborhood!Richardson has a number of bars, parks, trails, natural reserves, comic shops, movie houses, a huge Art Center, great library, and much more. It's familial. And just about everyone exercises their 2nd amendment rights - quietly. Come to Richardson if you like a steady small city familial environment. Stay away if you can't follow simple rules of behavior.
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      You can get robbed and killed in Richardson

      Reason for posting: I got assaulted by some vagrant ghetto loser.

      The other day I decide to stop off at a convenience store off Greenville and Spring Valley. It's a Chevron station I think. So, the store had not opened yet. It was 05:50 AM or so. I pull into the parking lot back my car into a parking space to wait for the store to open and almost immediately some ghetto resident appears. It wasn't but maybe 10-15 seconds after I parked.

      Note: It is dark at this time in the morning. Never approach a stranger when it is dark. Ever.

      The ghetto-boy comes ambling across the parking lot directly at my passenger side window. I'm thinking, does this jerk not realize that he is freaking me out. He gets about 3 feet from my window and starts up a conversation for panhandling. At this point the expectation of getting robbed went up from 50% to more like 80%. I rapidly started up the car and fled.

      Why do I have to put up with an adrenaline rush at 6AM and almost get killed? Not fun at all people. Very terrifying. You do not want to raise your kids in this environment.

      The point to my post is that Richardson was once a nice place (I grew up here). It pretty much sucks now. This incident is just one of many and the occurrence is increasing year over year. The ghetto-trash people have taken over most of Richardson. Do not live or work in Richardson. Do not relocate here. Live in Plano where it is safe.

      The scariest part to this story is that the location at Spring Valley/Greenville/I75 had a DART rail station installed a few years ago. Then they put up trash apartments (Brick Row) and allowed an influx of garbage people to reside in them (no doubt paid for by Obama). So now we have an environment engineered by city planners (Big Government) that is guaranteed to increase crime, decrease property values, and drive off businesses. The DART system enables criminals to flow throughout adjacent cities in DFW so you should never go near a hub.

      Since the Great Recession began businesses have been pulling out of Richardson in droves so the hand-writing is on the wall. Richardson will become a mass ghetto like Dallas within the next 5-7 years. I am getting the hell out of here soon.

      If you live in cities close to Richardson please do not ever shop, work, or eat in Richardson. Definitely do not stop anywhere to get gasoline. If you have to come to Richardson make sure you have on a bullet proof vest, carry a taser or shotgun, and have a reliable means of transportation to flee when you get assaulted. Also, if you have the time, please pressure the State of Texas to allow citizens to arm themselves with fully automatic firearms, flame throwers, grenades, shaped charges, etc. and demand that building codes be upgraded to require the use of reinforced steel and concrete in the place of wood for building houses.
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      Richardson, TX - A Warm Texas Welcome

      I lived in Richardson, Texas for 2 years. I found there was a variety of things to do and attractions to see. My favorite restaurant is located on North Coit St, it is called Ino Japanese Bistro. This place is so awesome. A truly great place to grab some sushi. After you over indulge yourself with the terrific sushi, you can head on over to Canyon Creek Country Club to work out it off by playing a couple rounds of golf. The country club is a little ways out, however the location is very nice. I found it worth the drive.

      The nightlife and bar scene in the city of Richardson was not all that impressive to me. I found that I would venture to nearby cities for the hottest nightclubs, however for the nights that I wanted to stay close to home and have a few drinks, I would head over to Main Street Liquid Co. This a local bar where it is pretty easy to be considered a regular. The staff is great and they really go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I would recommend Richardson to anyone wanting a spot that they can relax in, with big city life not far away.
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      Source: The Richardson, TX data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).