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Born and Raised in Porterville, CA

I was born in Porterville and grew up in this Tulare county suburb, where, as a kid, I'd walk the famous historic places and squeeze through the tunnel nearby that ran underneath the freeway. Since 1990s, this unincorporated area has grown a lot and attracting more and more people from other regions. Porterville is a small town with around 50,000 people and more than 50 percent of the households are living with children. The median income here is much less compared to the state average. I have to keep myself somewhere between feeling good about this place because it has its own charm by retaining its history and bad because it is doing poor in terms of economy. The best part of this town is that people are friendly and considerate about how you are doing. It is like living in one lane with relatives as neighbors, you know how many people are in every house you come across. What is it about the culture here that is full of life and unique compared to other places in CA? It has good schools and safe neighborhoods, and for someone who was born and brought up here, it is hard to move to any other city. Nightlife is barely in existence mainly because people work hard and have a routine. For them, life is all about enjoying it in modest and living it to the fullest with job, good food and entertainment. One doesn't even have to own a vehicle here because Porterville transit offers convenient public transportation to its residents. I doubt any new businesses want to move into this town given the bad economy and weather. All in all, Porterville is tolerable as long as you are not new to this area.
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