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Things to do in Port Charlotte, FL

I live and work in Port Charlotte, FL. It is a small town compared to larger cities in Florida. It has just about any type of amenity you may be looking for such as schools, Port Charlotte Town Center Mall, restaurants, grocery stores, commercial businesses, hotels, hospitals and medical facilities, churches, libraries and more. Many of the businesses along US 41 were rebuilt or renovated after hurricane Charley in 2004.

If you are looking for things to do there are two bowling alleys, a miniature golf course, regular golf courses, Town Center mall, strip malls, Visani Comedy Club, Port Charlotte Beach Complex, parks, boat ramps, car shows, Cultural Center of Charlotte County, Charlotte County Fairgrounds, Charlotte Sports Park (Stone Crabs and Tampa Bay Rays Training field), movie theaters, Sun Flea Market, YMCA, boating, fishing, kayaking, sailing and other sports. A short driving distance to North Port or Punta Gorda offers additional activities and to Englewood or Venice to go to a gulf beach.

Traffic is heavier seasonally when the winter residents arrive. There is new construction happening once again and many families are choosing to make it their home. There are different lifestyles to choose from such as condos, villas, townhouses, single family homes, mobile homes, 55+ communities, golf course communities, gated communities, non-deed restricted communities and more. Some homes are on canals with access to the Peace River or the Gulf of Mexico. Others are located right in the heart of the city. There is no walkable downtown. The Murdock area is kind of the heart of the city.
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Not what it seems - Beware!

Port Charlotte is a very congested town with much of the population coming in "snow bird" season, roughly October-March. It's economically depressed. The pictures you find online are very deceiving, as there are few places that actually look that way in the town. Based on what most say, the town has never fully recovered from the devastation that Hurricane Charlie brought over 10 years ago and the low cost of living attracts some less-than-ideal people. Unemployment is always much higher here than the rest of the state. There isn't much to do. The restaurants are fine - there are many to choose from but most don't serve fresh sea food even when they claim to, which is peculiar since we're minutes from the Gulf. I've lived here two years. In that time my neighbor's car has been stolen, somebody was mugged at gunpoint, and numerous arrests have occurred within feet of my house - and this area is the "safer" part of town. At night the town comes alive and not in a good way. People are everywhere, just hanging around - outside gas stations, convenience stores, pizza shops. There are a lot of drugs and a heavy police presence, but the police focus on traffic violations almost solely. Burglaries are reported by the dozen every day. The news doesn't cover any of the worst crimes that happen here. The cost of living is very cheap but just remember that you get what you pay for. I would recommend Punta Gorda if you're looking for a hot steamy climate and safe town, and it's just across the Harbor. The problem is that there isn't much there, and you'd have to come to Port Charlotte frequently. After dark, I won't walk to my mail box across the street - and I am not a paranoid person. The criminals, paired with the danger that the elderly pose on the roads, makes this a pretty miserable place to live and I am actively seeking work elsewhere.
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in the pretend ghetto

This town is good for old people only, there's nothing to do for young people at all. Since there's nothing to do there are a lot of drugs here... they're everywhere in Port Charlotte. Most of the people here try to act like they live in the ghetto, this town is the home of the wigger. There's a strip club and almost every stripper is fat or old, there's nothing more arousing than seeing a naked 55 year old flapping her man tits in your face. I'm not going to lie, geographically Port Charlotte is nice, its the fake hood rat wannabes that ruin it, there's a lot of burglaries, and most of the robbers are drug addicts, so if you don't live in a rich area, I would recommend owning a gun.
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Port Charlotte, FL City Review

I currently live in Port Charlotte Florida. I moved here about 3 months ago. I have noticed many good things about this area. I have noticed that the weather is amazing and so is the actual area.

When it comes to the attractions here there are quite a few things to do. There are several things for adults along with many children's attractions. One great attraction would have to be the historic center. This is a great place to take your family out for the day. It is not only educational but loads of fun for the whole family. Another attraction Port Charlotte has to offer is its numerous golf courses. This is more meant for adults but you can also teach your children this fun sport. There are also several pools in the local area that are great for soaking in on a hot day. The community is pretty laid back. They do not do a whole lot of community events but the community looks great overall. They take pride in how well they keep the natural beauty of Port Charlotte looking. There are some pretty amazing places to get a bite to eat in the local area. There are many waterfront restaurants that are great for a couple's night out. When it comes time to go out for a family dinner there are more than enough places to choose from. Some of these places include olive garden, bob evens, and outback steakhouse. These are just a few out of many. Overall, there are more than enough places to sit down and have a relaxing meal. There are quite a few places to go out for the night and have a good time. Several of the bars are always running some kind of convincing drink special. You should have no problem finding something to go out and do at nighttime. There are several places to shop at while in Port Charlotte. Some of these places include an outlet mall, department stores, and grocery stores. There is almost any store you could imagine conveniently located in Port Charlotte.

Overall, Port Charlotte is a great place to live. Keep in mind how much there is to do next time you are passing through Port Charlotte. You will be glad you stopped by and checking out the local shopping!
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