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Only 3 Years In Pompano

I have lived in Pompano Beach, FL for about three years. The area is beautiful as every morning I can wake up and see a gorgeous sunrise, and in the evening, there is an amazing sunset. There are numerous things to do for almost any age, and the best part of living here is the beach. My home is an apartment located in the middle of the city. Rent rates average about $900 a month for a two-bedroom, but there are less expensive ones on the outskirts of the city. If you are looking for a delicious plate of seafood, then this is where you need to live or at least visit. Almost every restaurant serves some kind of seafood dish whether it's shrimp or crab legs. When I want to relax, I go to the Pompano Municipal Pier. This pier is about a mile and a half long. While walking on the pier, I can often see dolphins swimming and seagulls that sit right on the banister. The Isle Casino is a place I like to go when I want to have a little fun. There is a buffet in the casino that serves just about any kind of food that you can think of, and there is a small race track as well. The casino could be improved as there aren't as many table games as I would like, but there are a few slot machines that pay out pretty well. The Indian Mound Park is somewhere for the family to enjoy. There is plenty of room to play outside, and there are walking trails for those who like to enjoy the scenery.
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Poor city of PB customer service

Just bought a home and moved in. Called CPB after unsuccessfully attempting to find the 1/2 mile boardwalk, for dog walking, via google. The lady answering the call, must have been having a bad day or dislikes her job; her response, "I have no idea, maybe in Ft. Laud., or Hollywood; google it or call COC. After that rude response, my response, "you have a great afternoon and thanks for lack of help)" (no customer service) and disconnected the call. I surely wish I had ask her name as I would be sharing that information. I called again, Susan answer this time and only tried to cover up for her rude co-worker; fell short of an apology. Two thoughts/questions: Does PB have no standards for employee customer service!? Would customer be in the job description of all employees!? One would think that an employee working for the city would have knowledge of their boardwalk!?? Am I the only resident looking for that? Oh well, guess that was my "rude welcome" to PB!
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Please Let A Hurricane Take Pompano Beach, FL

to sum up pompano beach IT IS COMPLETELY DEAD A ROTTING CORPSE LEFT IN THE SUN WAAAAAAY TO LONG!!!!! NO WORK, WHAT WORK THERE IS IS GIVEN TO NON ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE.the new public's on alantic is case in point, the only people who speak english there are the foremen and that's just barely Try to get a permit through the city of pompano,if you are a small business you will fail before you can get a permit through the numbskulls that work in the building dept. Lets talk about the POLICE in pompano, Hitlers guys were nothing compared to BSO in pompano beach SHOOT FIRST AND DON'T BOTHER ASKING ANY QUESTIONS AFTER BECAUSE THE REVIEW BOARD WILL RULE THE SHOOTING JUSTIFIED!!!! Get pulled over for a minor traffic infraction,get ready for the SWAT TEAM to be called out,with hands on their guns. Pompano Beach is the halfway house racket of the world!Whole streets are devoted to nothing but halfway houses,or sober houses as they are called.lets not even talk about jails/prisons: guys don't have to go far when they get out of jail in pompano, right down the street to the first available half way house. Who checks these places? For sure not the city/state too busy making money off jail,halfway houses,sober houses,homeless shelters. Don't get me started on broward outreach center.
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Romance is Alive in Pompano Beach, Florida

I've lived in Florida for almost twenty years and even though there are a lot of great places to see in this state, I always end up back in Pompano Beach. This little city has something for everyone and as far as vacation homes go, you can't find a nicer area to settle in. The beaches and downtown are in the middle of a massive revitalization project so it promises to be even prettier in the near future. Because Pompano Beach is in south Florida, it takes almost no time to get to Fort Lauderdale (15 minutes driving) or to the Everglades National Parks (1 hour driving). The city is friendly and very laid-back with plenty of things for the locals and tourists to enjoy. I like to wander the shops downtown and I always stop in at the Festival Flea Market Mall. It's a great place to shop for unexpected treasures, clothing and even furniture. The market is an indoor and air conditioned flea market with lots of vendors. The air conditioning is a must for the summers in Pompano Beach because the temperatures can get into the nineties with a lot of humidity. As hot as it gets, it's a really good thing that the beaches and surfing are so much fun. There are several water ski, wakeboard and scuba diving schools that are operated locally so you won't run out of things to do in the water. The water, by the way, is some of the prettiest in all of Florida. It's crystal clear and turquoise blue or bright green water with gentle waves depending on the season. Another fun place to visit in Pompano Beach is the Calypso Cove Water Park. It's fun for the whole family with rides and flumes for children and adults. When you're done with the water park, it's nice to head back downtown for dinner. The shops and restaurants line the main street and in the fall and winter the weather is cool enough to really enjoy the stroll. Other than the heat in the summer, Pompano Beach is really a perfect city for a relaxing vacation or retirement life.
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