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Purchasing Home In Goodyear / Avondale ARIZONA (Maricopa County) Hello there,Thanks for having me .. It's nice to have people who are like minded (warm weather) lol.I'm considering purchasing a winter home in Phoenix, AZ area and really like the area of Goodyear / Avondale. They are twin cities really if I understand it correctly. Right near NASCAR which is awesome! So realistic travel time in today's world from Goodyear / Avondale to Tempe to watch a ASU Football game is what 27 minute drive? I like in Vancouver right now and you have to drive at least 30 minutes to get anywhere. Your looking more like 45 minutes to 60+ minutes to get anywhere.I'm wondering if anyone could tell me the state of real estate in Goodyear / Avondale I've heard that homes under $200,000 are selling quickly where as there is a slight inventory situation for homes over $200,000 is this correct?How much do homes in this area appreciate generally speaking? Does anyway for see a big crash like in 2008 coming in the next couple years?I have a few more questions but I don't want to over do it lol. Thanks for your help and insights on these questions!PS: I've been in a lot of places in the USA and by far Phoenix, AZ, USA is my favorite I love the dry heat and opening the door and 3am and it's warm out. Also, the people are so friendly there it's the warm sunshine that does it. Has all the big five pro sports plus two major schools and the 5th largest city in the U.S.A. and growing. I don't think people would guess Phoenix if they had to.To me it's a no brainer as far as a winter home and would be a great investment as well.J Answer question
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