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      Peoria, IL

      Peoria exemplifies a classic all-American city and is the third-largest city in Illinois. Settlers began arriving here in the 17th century, but the city wasn’t incorporated until 1845. Peoria is now home to roughly 115,000 residents, and many of these residents include families, working professionals, retirees and college students.

      It’s possible to find a home in Peoria that’s in excellent quality and below the U.S. average home price. The overall cost of living is also considerably less than in other parts of the country, which makes living here especially desirable for people who want to live in a great environment without having to spend a fortune.

      If you like experiencing all four seasons each year, Peoria will be the perfect place to call home. Winters are usually cold and snowy with daytime high temperatures that are often still below freezing. Hot, humid and sunny conditions make up much of the summer with highs sometimes surpassing the 100-degree mark. May is typically the rainiest month.

      Peoria also features transportation options that make getting around the city and the neighboring communities easy. Multiple bus routes are operated by the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District and CityLink buses. If you have your own vehicle, you can drive along Interstates 74, 474 and 155 to reach many local destinations.

      Families with children can rest assured that their kids will get a quality education while living in Peoria. Wilder-Waite Elementary and Ridgeview Elementary are among the city’s top primary schools. Washington Gifted School has consistently received high ratings for its excellent intermediate school programs and can help students achieve greater success. Richwood High School has adequately prepared many students for college studies.

      Peoria also features plentiful activities and attractions that add even more enjoyment to living here. Visitors and residents can take a leisurely ride aboard the Spirit of Peoria paddle wheel riverboat along the Illinois River to see much of the local area by water. You can also go for a drive along Grandview Drive to see picturesque views of the Illinois River and bordering communities. Charming and intriguing wildlife creatures are viewable at the Peoria Zoo. Wildlife Prairie Park is another great place to go see some animals that are left to roam in their natural environment. The Scottish Rite Cathedral has been standing since the 19th century and is one of the city’s iconic landmarks. Art and Science exhibits can be explored at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. If you’re an avid golfer, you can head to Kellog Golf Course to play a round on the 18-hole course and grab a snack at the snack shop. Northwoods Mall is a large indoor shopping mall that includes top retailers along with other stores that sell clothing, electronics and other practical and luxury goods.

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      does not give law or criminal procedure to children or theft

      Do not go near central illinois,this area does not respond to stolen state id or social security cards ,allows theft and forgery of custody paperwork from other county circuits and those who perform criminal procedure resort to using sexual intimidation ,humiliation and additional actions of theft ,they shut off phone accounts and break into email accounts when actions like are reported instead of criminal procedure.Peoria and tazewell counties noticeably abuse an individuals right to criminal procedure for healthcare fraud for paid employer health insurance.Numerous businesses and professionals noticeably have left the area from failure of correcting theft of employer health insurance and fail to correct human resource department crimes.

      stay away from this part of illinois.
      • 2 -1
      NOT ANY MORE....

      Peoria used to be a vibrant city with friendly people and safe neighborhoods. Sadly, very sadly, not any more. Peoria feels "stuck" and doesn't seem to know how to get out of a bad situation. The crime is off the charts now; the shopping fair, but all feels kinda dead; the food is pretty much basic and average; and the vibe of the city is just off. This happened over a period of years and I don't see it getting any better any time soon mainly because the leaders don't have a plan. Wish it was different, but this is no longer a place I enjoy....not any more.
      • 2 -1
      Love living here

      I have lived here for 1 year now away from the east bluff in which I lived there x 17 years. This neighborhood is extremely quite compared to where I lived before. The landlords are great, nice people that fix any problem right away. I absolutely LOVE my apartment.
      • 1 -3
      If You Are White, Then Do NOT Come To Peoria Unarmed

      Peoria has a montage of great stores, restaurants, OSF Saint Francais Hospital-probably the best Hospital in the state, but is dangerous. Even the nicest, most expensive stores are full of people just waiting to rob and kill anybody who looks at them funny. The worst place with crime is the Northwoods Mall-never go there without a gun! It is absolutely terrifying in there.

      It is sad that Peoria has been going down hill so much. Peoria was a great town just a few years ago. With all of the jobs leaving, all of their workers leave, also, leaving houses readily open to scum! If you need something that is only available in bigger areas, then go to the Quad Cities. The Quad Cities is not much better, but their malls are not overflowing with criminals who want to rob and kill you!
      • 3 -5
      Truth of Living in Peoria, Illinois

      I moved with my family to Peoria, Illinois when I was a teenager with my family and ended up living in the city for about 10 years. Being the largest city in Illinois, there definitely is a lot to do but it can be pretty boring at times. The best food places are on the Rivermont but they can be kind of pricey. The only other real forms of entertainment would be the museums which are good but highly unlikely you will actually visit it every time you are bored because it gets old after a while. The best part would probably be the Civic Center because a few big names do come to play at the venue every couple of months are so. The shows are great and a lot of fun. Even the night scene is only really live on the weekends. As for physical activity, Forest Park is a great place to do some nature activities such as biking, hiking, and so forth. The view is beautiful and not flat so you get a great workout while also getting a good view. It is not overly crowded either which can make your workout more fun.

      Other than fun, however, the quality of living in the city is not too expensive. The taxes are moderate and price of living is relatively low. As for places to live, anything north of War Memorial Drive was considered to be nice; the community, people, crime, and so on. It is smart to invest in a car but for short-term things you can walk around pretty easily.
      • 0 -2
      Worse Landlord

      I have lived in Peoria for over 11 years now in three different places. By far the Bobbitt Historical Quarter are the worse landlord I have ever dealt with. Throughout the three years I have lived here they have shut my air off three times (I pay my own cilco/air), very rude phone calls when I need something fixed, would come into my apartment without notice and when I decided to move out, which i gave over 30 day notice, they were so rude and disrespectful! I had actually locked myself out that same evening that I gave my notice and went to a build next to me and asked if they could call the landlord to let me in. We were on speaker phone, which landlord did not know, and she says " after the message she left that she was leaving I am not doing anything for her". I have never had a older person be so rude to someone who had done nothing but keep to themselves and pays rent on time.
      Their build stands empty and I can only image why.
      • 0 0
      a ok city if you're a good old boy!

      if you're rich white and don't make waves this place is for you. just be careful because the constitution means jack here and will make up false accusations to get to you. recently the mayor and police have went on a spree of home invasions and accusing a man of child pornography and heroin distribution because they didn't like him making fun of him on twitter. In my opinion this is corruption and abuse of the system at its best. I have been to peoria a few times and its a shame to know that you cant trust the police force to help you. my suggestion is to keep on driving.
      • 0 0
      Playing in Peoria, Illinois

      I grew up just outside Peoria, Illinois. Although my hometown was actually considered East Peoria, Peoria was the place in which we traveled to shop, eat, and have fun. I think the thing that surprises people the most about the city of Peoria, Illinois is that many expect it to be a small city in the middle of cornfields. Although when traveling to Peoria you will pass many cornfields, Peoria is actually a nice size, booming town, right on the Illinois River. In fact, the downtown area is quite nice with many fantastic restaurants and areas on the riverfront.

      Peoria also has a nice zoo, a minor league baseball team, the Peoria Chiefs, with a fantastic field, and two great malls, one being indoor and one being outdoor. There is a large Civic Center, which brings in many big named stars and concerts. Basketball is a big deal in Peoria, and March Madness is experienced at many levels, including the Illinois High School Tournament being held there. If you are a fan of Caterpillar, the world headquarters are also in Peoria, and a Caterpillar museum is in the process of being built. There is an old saying that goes "It'll play in Peoria." I've found that is still true today!
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      Source: The Peoria, IL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).