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My Time In Palm Springs, CA

I live in Palm Springs for several months of the year. I have gone to Palm Springs for many winters. I prefer the winter season in Palm Springs so that I can enjoy the warmth and sunshine. I am located in Rochester, New York where winter is long, very cold and gray. It is so cold in Rochester that your very bones freeze and the sun does not shine for months at a time. The major attraction of Palm Springs for me is the climate. There are many more attractions that are appealing in Palm Springs, and the attractions are all outdoor. I am a hiker. I really enjoy taking long hikes through the desert. One word of caution and that is to take water when you are hiking. In fact, Palm Springs is a desert climate and it is a good idea to take water with you wherever you go. Palm Springs is great for spas and swimming or other activities that are enjoyable in the sun. Some resident enjoy playing golf. I have been told that the golfing in Palm Springs surpasses all. I do not golf so I have to take their word for it. The only thing that I can guarantee is that every day is a golf day because every day is warm and sunny. Palm Springs is great because the sunshine mood enhancing and that is the major attraction for me. There are things to do in the evening, but the activities are not stellar. If you want the best of theater and museum, I would not recommend Palm Springs because it pales by comparison to the major capitals of this country and other countries. Shopping is limited as well. If you need a pair of short, then shopping is fine. But for the runway elegance coming out of Milan, you will find Palm Springs lacking. While not the finest cuisine, the restaurants are fine for a meal.
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