Key findings

  • Oviedo has a Livability Score of 88/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Oviedo crime rates are 68% lower than the Florida average
  • Cost of living in Oviedo is 12% higher than the Florida average
  • Oviedo real estate prices are 45% higher than the Florida average
  • Rental prices in Oviedo are 35% higher than the Florida average

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      Top Rated Schools in Oviedo

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      Lawton Elementary SchoolPK - 583782%
      Chiles Middle School6 - 81,32881%
      Partin Elementary SchoolPK - 571781%
      Evans Elementary SchoolPK - 597177%
      Jackson Heights Middle School6 - 81,35476%
      Stenstrom Elementary SchoolPK - 568676%
      Hagerty High School9 - 122,31374%
      Carillon Elementary SchoolPK - 51,00872%
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      Oviedo Reviews

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      Big town that is getting bigger
      We have lived here over two years. Overall, we like it, very kid friendly. We live in an older development in town (1990's) if you call that old. Nice neighborhood, people in town (both long time residence and newbies) are friendly overall. Schools for Florida are better than most, have not had issues. Convenient to just about everything...schools, shopping, golf, restaurants, parks, pools and churches. I will have to agree with some that the construction has to stop. We lived in NJ for a few years and we see what happens if you don't do some open space conservation...everyone just lives on top of each other and traffic is bad. I find myself saying too many people are moving in (and I am one of them...LOL) Town officials need to get smart on approving new developments and really look at these plans. Being in the engineering and construction field, it shows they don't know much on how to evaluate plans and studies (environmental, development population, traffic...) As I read one recently for one off Lockwood that stated there was only going to be minimal impact to the local schools 23 children total...really! in a 90 plus home development (phase one)...who believes that? Plus who approves a 18-20' wide road for traffic to a 150 home development with no secondary egress? Good luck if a fire truck needs to run down with vehicular traffic has nowhere to go. Who evaluates these plans? Mickey Mouse?
      5 0
      Ruined By Developers, profiteering Leaders
      My family has worked in Oviedo since the mid 1800's. I lived here since the early 70's. The developers are making a quick buck by building out of control. They have the county board in their pocket and do whatever they want. It can take me 45 minutes to make a right turn onto Alafaya Drive during many parts of the day. Bicycling is a thing of the past, it isn't safe enough to ride the streets anymore. The mayor is another real estate agent and making a killing just selling everything in site. The college has drawn crime and violence into our neighborhood. The 7-11 got robbed at gunpoint nearby. First time in history of town, so now they closed. Our neighbor got broken into, first break-in in over 50 years. Constantly unknown ghetto looking losers walking up and down our dead end street at all hours of the night. Crime maps show sky-rocketing crime from all the low rent apartments on the south side of town. It's not safe to walk the streets in the area anymore. Everything beautiful and special about this town has been destroyed. They tore down the quaint old town downtown area and built a bunch of condos that they now call downtown a mile away. Traffic is literally worse than L.A.. Developers force apartment complexes into older existing neighborhoods, and the county does nothing to prevent it. Give it 5 years before all the ghetto trash start having gangs and drive the property values through the floor. Typical Florida land development story: Out of towners make a killing, don't live here and don't care. Reminds me of Pine Hills in the 60's...and there is a reason it is now known as Crime Hills. But don't believe me, trust all the realtor paid for websites saying how great things are.
      10 -1
      Friendly, Family Living in Oviedo.
      I have been living in Oviedo, Florida since I was born and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The town is only a stone’s throw from so many interesting places. I can visit the Orlando area, the east coast and the Kennedy Space Center anytime I want. With all the construction in the last few years, more and more people are moving to the best areas in Oviedo to discover our safe, almost crime free town with reasonably priced housing.

      As well as a new medical center and ER, we have a single-story, indoor mall and many eclectic restaurants. Like any other town, we have a golf course, a YMCA, a library and a new Gym and Aquatic Center with an Olympic-sized pool. On the downside, there is very little entertainment for younger people.

      With Orlando’s nightlife only a 30 minute drive away, the space center or Cocoa Beach a 45 minute drive south and New Smyrna Beach the same distance north, this is the perfect location for singles, couples or families.
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      Source: The Oviedo, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).