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Living Right in the Middle of the Action 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 10, 2018) When most people think of Oak Ridge, they couldn't tell you where in the state of Florida this charming city lies. In fact, I am nestled right in the middle of all the action from Orlando and the Magic Kingdom, far enough to enjoy peace and quiet, but close enough to enjoy the be ...Read More st of everything this area has to offer.

Living in Oak Ridge is a paradise in itself because I can jump on Interstate 4 and get to Tampa in a little over an hour, or head the other direction and get to Daytona Beach in the same time. I have the Atlantic Ocean to my right, the Gulf of Mexico to my left, and plenty of attractions and shopping in between.

The best areas in Oak Ridge are the proximity to the attractions, from Sea World, Universal Studios, City Walk, to everything Mickey Mouse. We have upscale shopping malls, and then we also have those premium outlet malls that sell things far below retail price. Read Less
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