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What's Great About Novi, Michigan

I have lived in Novi most of my life and I absolutely love the city. It has fantastic nightlife, great restaurants, and I never have to travel far for live entertainment. With so much going on, I never have to worry or wonder what I'll be doing over the weekend, as there is something transpiring each and every night of the week. The city itself doesn't have a large number of attractions, but with its close proximity to Detroit, the Detroit Zoo (which is actually in Royal Oak) and several other regional activities, there is alway something to do within a very short drive. Although I can't really walk, a taxi rid doesn't take long, and within minutes I can go to a Tigers baseball game, see a show at the world famous Fox theater, or take my children to the Detroit Zoo and take in the incredible polar bear exhibit, which is only a few years old. There truly is something amazing to do, no matter the time of the year. Detroit has been plagued with bad publicity in recent years, due to issues with the automotive industry, and although many of these bits of information are true, the news only seems to focus on the negative aspects, rather than the positive. It doesn't tell you it has one of the largest farmers markets in the entire country, or one of the best music venues found anywhere in the world. It doesn't tell you the incredible restaurants found throughout the city and different suburbs, or anything else like that. Although I live in Novi, which is just a small drive away, Detroit is also my home, as I spend several days a week there. Both the good and the bad, Novi and Detroit are linked, and I wouldn't have it any other way. With so much to do around the city, there is always something to check out around the city of Novi and local communities. Very few people consider visiting Novi and Detroit for longer than a day or so, but I love every minute of it.
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