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Pot holes, flooding, and chemical waste dumps

It's an old suburb with some history but it offers no attractions year round. There's only a few canal concerts in the direct area in the summer and the seaway trail is technically in Tonawanda, not North Tonawanda. The city has poor upkeep for its roads and just about every street is littered with pot holes. Some streets will flood if we get too much rain, this suburb was built over marsh land. The crime is low, a lot of money that should go into infrastructure, goes into the police department or town hall. They also recently discovered that the waste dump on Forbes Street also has the same toxic chemicals as the Love Canal incident. There's still a class action lawsuit in progress for residents that have lived on Forbes street and suffered from ailments due to the surrounding waste. The only positive thing I would say North Tonawanda has to offer is plenty of fair priced apartments. Instead of paying $1200 for a studio apartment downtown Buffalo, you can pay half and get a 1 bdrm apt in N. Tonawanda. It's a place for cheap apartments and houses to retire in. I would not recommend living here for prolong periods of time. Simply because of the surrounding waste dumps in the area that have been linked to cancer.
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