North Tonawanda, NY

Population: 30,935

Key findings

  • North Tonawanda has a Livability Score of 82/100, which is considered exceptional
  • North Tonawanda crime rates are 25% lower than the New York average
  • Cost of living in North Tonawanda is 26% lower than the New York average
  • North Tonawanda real estate prices are 62% lower than the New York average
  • Rental prices in North Tonawanda are 43% lower than the New York average

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      Top Rated Schools in North Tonawanda

      Name Grades Students Proficiency
      North Tonawanda High School9 - 121,17896%
      Errick Road Elementary SchoolKG - 557862%
      Ohio Elementary SchoolKG - 646545%
      Meadow SchoolKG - 664137%
      Spruce SchoolKG - 639837%
      North Tonawanda Middle SchoolKG - 859230%
      Drake SchoolKG - 633327%
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      Love it here!

      My husband and I bought a house in North Tonawanda about a year ago, and I'm so glad that we did. I could go on forever about how great this little city is. It is safe (especially as far as cities go), the city is well kept. I have not felt uncomfortable or afraid once. We've even accidentally left our garage open all night long, several times - nobody went near it. The people here care about their neighborhood/yards/etc. and work hard to keep the city nice. There are many parks all around, and there is a beautiful long bike trail that is easy to access from most areas in the city! It is also easy to get to the parks by bike, and to get onto the River bike trail which leads to Niagara Falls/Buffalo! There are many places to eat and nice unique local shops around, of all different sorts. The roads and services here, in my opinion, are second to none. I have yet to find a bad road, only a pothole here and there (and I haven't seen many of those either). I've seen entire streets that would be better off as dirt roads in other cities, but here, the roads are mostly in good shape. After snowfall, the streets are plowed and clear by the time I wake up in the early morning. Our neighbors are very friendly and considerate and our street is almost abnormally quiet and calm. Everything is easily accessible by bike, and there are bike racks for the public to use in busier areas of the city. There seem to be very few abandoned houses around the city as well... as I write this, it is mid-June and I have yet to see an abandoned house with 4ft high grass.
      North Tonawanda is a beautiful, quaint city right on the water, and this place has so much to offer. From the Santa parade float that graces the city streets around Christmas time, the buzzing of the activity and shops along Webster street, the food and dining, the fresh produce and infinite shopping options at the Farmer's Market (even in the winter!), the accessibility of groceries/car repair/pharmacy/parks around the city - I have not yet found a single thing to dislike about NT. We overpaid for our house and I was glad to do it to be part of such a great community!
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      Come For The Food, Stay For The Conveniences

      Located just outside of Buffalo, North Tonawanda is no stranger to good food. By far the one thing I always look forward to when coming home to visit. There’s something for everyone here, but the city is in need of renovations and constructions. It may be due to our usually harsh winters, but there are potholes almost everywhere. School should also decrease areas for their bus routes. Sometimes I feel it can be a bit unsafe for kids to walk to and from school. Crime isn’t as some places, but can be a bit questionable to say the least.

      Otherwise, being in North Tonawanda, you’re at the epicenter of everything. At most a 15 minute drive from the countless numbers of shops, stores, parks and playgrounds. You can find almost anything, with so many cultures in and around the center, we really benefit from a wide variety of food choices. If anything, and I cannot say this enough, the food is reason enough for me to come home regularly.
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      Pot holes, flooding, and chemical waste dumps

      It's an old suburb with some history but it offers no attractions year round. There's only a few canal concerts in the direct area in the summer and the seaway trail is technically in Tonawanda, not North Tonawanda. The city has poor upkeep for its roads and just about every street is littered with pot holes. Some streets will flood if we get too much rain, this suburb was built over marsh land. The crime is low, a lot of money that should go into infrastructure, goes into the police department or town hall. They also recently discovered that the waste dump on Forbes Street also has the same toxic chemicals as the Love Canal incident. There's still a class action lawsuit in progress for residents that have lived on Forbes street and suffered from ailments due to the surrounding waste. The only positive thing I would say North Tonawanda has to offer is plenty of fair priced apartments. Instead of paying $1200 for a studio apartment downtown Buffalo, you can pay half and get a 1 bdrm apt in N. Tonawanda. It's a place for cheap apartments and houses to retire in. I would not recommend living here for prolong periods of time. Simply because of the surrounding waste dumps in the area that have been linked to cancer.
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      Reason for reporting
      Source: The North Tonawanda, NY data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).