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Niceville isn't nice

Niceville is a snoozefest, almost everything there is to do is across a toll bridge in Destin or about 25 minutes away in Ft. Walton Beach. A big claim to fame is the Mullet Festival which is a big country redneck jamboree that costs more to get in than it's worth. The other "big" festival is Oktoberfest which is held in a back half of a Winn Dixie parking lot with literally 2 beer booths, a polka band and a whole bunch of crappy craft tents.Niceville is a military town that blindly supports said military, if you aren't military YOU DO NOT MATTER. Any services you do purchase in Niceville will essentially cost you a bit more b/c these military people EXPECT a 15% discount on everything even though they purchase most of their things on base for less and without taxes. The local businesses in Niceville are mediocre at best, don't expect to be treated well unless you're in uniform. You won't "get used to" hearing bombs drop nearby as you try to enjoy your morning coffee. Start working out your eyes now so they won't tire out from all of the eye rolling you'll be doing every time you hear someone say, "The sound of freedom!", sound of freedom my ass, more like the sound of my tax dollars being wasted! You will tire of hearing any and everything about "the base", they basically have their own community. Think of it as a brainwashed members only club.Religion is also a big factor here and will essentially decide how (or if) you fit in anywhere here. The conservative "values" here are more oppressive than the surface of the sun. Enjoy living a eco friendly life?! Not here ya hippie! Yeah it seems like no one here gives a care about that either. There is recycling but that's about it for Niceville's "green" scene. Farmer's markets are a joke, there are way more crafts and crap than actual produce. I didn't realize you could farm beaded bracelets and tacky shell ornaments. If you're into getting healthy food you'll be crossing the toll bridge to do your grocery shopping so add $6 + an extra percent on taxes to your grocery bill. To sum things up...if you can think for yourself, have an open mind, enjoy quiet afternoons without hearing bombs drop in the background and can breathe with your mouth closed find another place to live, you'll be WAY happier somewhere that's actually moving forward. I'm elated to be moving out of this absurdly misnamed place.
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Midwestern family looking to move to NW Florida My family and I have always lived in the Midwest but after these winter months we have decided to move to NW Florida. What area would you guys suggest? Our main concerns are my two children and after that safety and job opportunity. Is Niceville a good transition city? Are their opportunities to start new or do you have to know people to make it? please let me know all …
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