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Newberg: A Beautiful Portland Suburb

I have been living in Newberg for years and I love it here. Since it's a short drive from Portland, you will find many opportunities in Newberg when it comes to finding a good job and going to a quality college. There are a lot of young professionals in the area and there are many opportunities to be part of a start-up too. One thing that Newberg has a plethora of is public parks. Also, Tillamook State Forest is close and is probably the best area in Newberg. If you like to go hiking or camping, it's a great spot to check out. Homes here in Newberg can be a little on the high side and there are some affluent neighborhoods with high-end homes. The downtown area has a good amount of stores and restaurants to choose from as well. You probably won't have to go far unless you're looking for a specific store or a specialty restaurant.
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